Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 7 - Saturday Dietician Day

After a realtively light for me breakfast of 1 fried in butter egg and 1 slice of toast - whole grain Bavarian if you want to know - I head to the gym for my meeting.

Sara is one of the loveliest young ladies you would want to meet.  Slim, beautiful and originally from Dubai, she has an easy way of talking and doesn't make you feel the least bit bad.  After a brief chat, she asks me what meals I have the most trouble with.  My first thought was "ALL" but thought no the worst for me is lunch time.  Especially at the shop when I'm so busy and then realize I'm starving and end up scarfing down some Burger King or Greasy Spoon meal.  And snacks...I like to snack in the afternoon.

Quickly Sara comes up with 5 lunch meal ideas based on things I already like to eat.  Basically it's what I can eat and make for myself when I have the time or inclination but better!  Less fat, less carbs, more protein.  She shows me the exact portion size she wants me to use.  Measuring cups and spoons are going to be my new tools.  Butter is good!  Just remember that you can only have 1 tbsp of fat period.  That tuna, avocado, orange spinach salad I love with poppy seed dressing - well ok go for it but either have the avocado OR the 1 tbsp dressing not both.  Tuna salad sandwich?  No problem, use tuna in water only (which I have always done) and add only 1 tbsp full mayonnaise (not diet or 1/2 cause they up the sugar when they deplete the fat hidden sugar everywhere) - thats my fat, and a 1/2 cup of diced celery.  Eat that on 1 slice of whole grain bread and finish the rest of the tuna that won't fit in the sandwich.  Well that is actually a lot of food! The other 3 suggestions are also easy to follow - the basic recipe is greens, 4 oz of protein, 1 tbsp of fat.  Even the pasta option is yummy.  1/2 cup COOKED pasta sauted with olive oil (1 tbsp), and 1/2 cup mixed mushrooms and peppers.  Topped with grilled chicken.  I CAN DO THIS.

Snacks are also good.  A yogurt option - full greek yogurt NOT low fat or 0 fat - with granola or raspberries on top, 3 rice crackers with a small piece of HARD cheese.  Apparently soft cheese not good but hard cheese is great. 2 rice cakes with almond butter. 1/4 cup mixed nuts not trail mix (that's a dirty little secret there is a whole bunch of sugar, carbs and calories in those seemingly good for you mixes) and 1 cup of fruit and to round out the 5, 1/3 cup hummus and 1/2 a small pita.  Those are all really good options.  All stuff I like and will enjoy.

She then gives me some homework to do - write down what I eat and do for 3 days including a weekend day.  I say ok and thankyou.  We fix a date to meet next week and I say goodbye.

As a reward I decide to check out the lap pool.  Surprisingly for a Saturday it is not that busy and I get a whole lane to myself.  I did 12 laps (35 make 1 mile) mixing it up with some breast strokes, some back strokes and 2 laps of front crawl.  God I love the water...  I feel pretty good doing it too.  A few minutes to warm up in the hot tub and then off to the shower.

Drew and I have plans for the evening.  A grade school reunion for him.  First time we are going and I have to admit I'm a tad anxious.  I have no idea what or who to expect to be there and remember I am NOT feeling very good about myself.  After all this is Oakville we are talking about where it seems most woman are slim and well off.  Ok, I can do this.  I set up a visit with my daughter in law to show me how to curl my hair so it looks like the day I got it done.  She is more than thrilled to help me even though she herself is getting ready to go out with my son for the first time without the baby.  I love her so much :).  Afterwards I head to get my nails done and think to myself - self?  you are looking the best you can at this point.   Hopefully there will be food on the menu I won't feel guilty about eating especially since I just left the dietician!  I think I'll start the food diary tomorrow!  Remember everyday is a new day and if something happens and you fall off for some reason just continue back on.  A little set back won't hurt unless you let it prevent you from getting back on track.

The evening starts off interesting.  We can't find the stupid restaurant on GPS or google maps.  Turns out that the name the organizer gave us is not the name on the restaurant.  Figures.  Well we find it anyway and it is just a very small Mediterranean place.  Oh great, shwarma, falafel, this should be challenging.  The food was actually the best part of the evening.  The menu was set and there were 3 choices including grilled chicken with pineapple, some pork dish and grilled salmon.  I picked chicken and Drew picked Salmon.  We nibbled at some delicious hummus and pita while enjoying a glass of wine and chatting with an old friend of Drew's. The dinner included a mediterranean salad, I ate about 1/2, side dishes of roasted potatoes and rice pilaf.  I took a bit of rice.  Afterwards desert options were all things I love but I know I can't/shouldn't eat.  I decided on the ice cream cake and turns out it was just vanilla ice cream so I ate about 1/4.  For the most part the evening was good however,the downside was the organizer was a tad odd.  You know how I mentioned in my first post about my attractive husband?  Well, he really is and apparently none of the women from grade school or high school have forgotten that.  And she pointed out that most of the ladies coming tonight had a crush on him.  And so did she, as she turned away doing the hot fan thing.  I'm like ok where is the bar!!  Drew - god love him - knows I'm uncomfortable (and so is he) and gets us both a glass of wine and we move over to talk to his aforementioned friend.  We have a nice chat and the dinner progresses.  However, I note that the organizer is not so sneakily taking pictures of Drew as he is talking.  I think that is a bit over the top!  Then when he goes to pay for our dinner, she says, yes you have to pay me cause even though I have a crush on you I'm not paying for your dinner. Loudly.  So everyone can hear. Including me.  Alrighty then, pay the tab lets get the fark out of here!!  I know I'm not invisible as I weigh almost 190 lbs and have pink in my hair but come on.  That was 40 years ago lady get over it and move on.  And besides, he did marry me :)

Here's one good shot from the night..
 and then one "sneak" shot

Look I have no chin!  and Is that an arm or a leg... not my best side for sure.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm taking a day off.


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