Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 1A - Joining Up

I have decided to begin a new way of living.  That includes eating healthy, learning new eating habits goes along with that, joining a gym, getting fit.

What do I think is fit?  Obviously a healthy weight - which for me is about 40 lbs less than what I currently weigh.  Increasing body strength overall - arms, legs, stomach, back.  Increasing stamina - so I can keep up with my grandchildren and my husband.

How Do I Do That?  #1 join a gym/health fitness club.  Where they promote the whole package.  Not just walking on a treadmill and taking a few pilates or yoga or zumba classes.  I need nutritional advice, health assessment, guidance on not only using the machines but how to use them and why to use them.  A place that is enjoyable - yes I did say enjoyable - to go to.  Clean change rooms with showers, 24/7 access, people who talk to you, help.

I know me.  If I don't like the place I'm not going to continue to go.  I looked around.  I researched my immediate area near my shop. Anything for just women (that was my first thought)?  That provides showers, 24/7 etc.?  No.  Ok, how about a bit farther out.  I just wasn't sure.  I hear good things and bad things about every gym (and that includes the one I have joined).  And then I saw it...mecca (lol).  A new gym has come to town.  Lifetime Athletics. It is a whole package health and fitness company. Situated about 12 minutes away by car (via 403 highway) it sits on a big plot of land.  All three stories of it. I actually had an "offer" appear on my facebook timeline and that was the impetuous I needed.  I emailed before I could rethink.  Immediately I had someone respond and ask me for particulars about what I was looking for in a fitness center.  And then they set me up with an appointment that very day.  And I went.

First impression?  Spa-like.  Beautiful surroundings, all dark granite, mahogany finishes and bright airiness.  We went for a walk about.  First the change room - holy smoly - that checked off my first list item.  Showers - yes - many with shampoo, conditioner and bodywash.  A large hot tub (spa), a steam room, fresh clean towels, hair dryers and various personal items.  Free lockers with self setting locks. Large change room - really large.  Adjoining that is the pool area.  Well, they have a large recreational pool where I see they have kids swimming lessons as well as group activites (aqua zumba for instance); a lap pool with 5 or 6 lanes; 2 large co-ed hot tubs - 1 strictly adult; a large sauna.  And outside the large bright windows?  An outdoor summer pool resort area with 2 water slides and a cafe. Also on the main floor is a full service hair salon offering such niceties as a blow out after work out as well as full cut and colour services, makeup and nails.  Massage and chiropractor also on that floor and the main cafe with only healthy foods and smoothies. There is also a rockclimbing wall area but I know I won't be partaking in that exercise.

Up the large staircase (there are also 2 elevators) is the main fitness area with all the myriad machines you would find in most gyms but a whole lot of them.  Guaranteed that you will never not find a machine to work on.  Then there is the weight training area - very large and lots of equipment, the LifeLab area where the nurse practitioner and registered dietician are as well as the stretch and warmup area.  A hot yoga studio, a full pilates studio and a MMA area round this all out.  At the center is the fitness desk and there is always some lovely smiling person there to assist you with whatever you need help with.

Third floor you will find squash/racquetball courts, a full gymnasium with basket ball etc., a soccer field (yes complete with green artificial grass), more studios for zumba, pilates, etc. and the daycare facility.

What did I do?  I joined.  I fell in love with it.  Love the atmosphere, the friendliness, the whole facility.  Cost?  sounds expensive doesn't it?  It is but really when I figure it out it is 4.30/day.  That's right.  I spend more than that on coffee's for 3 of us every single morning.  Well, I used to, not anymore.  That is now my club money. :)  Doesn't sound so expensive now does it?  There have been add-ons.  But I have my eyes open and will take these on short term for direction and motivation.  Other good points?  I can quit at any time with a 30 day notice - no cancellation fees etc. and I can also suspend my membership for any period of time for 20/month.  For when I am away for an extended period of time like at the cottage or visiting my parents.  That to me is all I needed to make me say "sign me up".  Thank you Lifetime Athletics - I was waiting for you!!

Next Blog post - 1st Assessment


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