Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 26 - Thursday is Stat Day

I'm going to go right to the stats.

Start                      Day 19          Day 26
Weight - 190         181.9             179
BF% - 47.8            39 - 41          not sure didn't hold hands with my friend - will tomorrow
Waist - 40.5"         38"                 36" - yes omg 
Bust - 44"               42.5"              42"
Hip - 46"                44"                 43"
Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"             12"
Calf - 18"                 16.5"             15.5"
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"             22.5"

Well look at that again.  While the weight is not falling off me the inches certainly are!  Here is the to date loss tally:
Weight 11 lbs
Waist 4.5 INCHES
Bust 2"
Hip 3"
Upper Arm 3"
Calf 2.5"
Thigh 3.5"
and that thigh is now smaller than a 24" waist  - woohoo!!  Total inches lost so far is 15.5" .

My shorts I put on this morning are very loose and I tried these on when changing seasonal and they were TIGHT almostnotbeingabletodothemupsosuckitin tight.  And they are loose all over.  BUT no new clothes til I hit MEDIUM and that is still at least 10 lbs away.  I know I cannot get discouraged over the weight loss since the inches tell me that things are changing. Maybe I've put 10 pounds in muscle on...ok who believes me raise your hand. No?  Maybe?

Drew makes us a smoothie this morning and I deliberate on whether I should do a yoga or pilates class or swim.  Swimming is going to be the winner since we are lollygagging over breakfast and it is past the time for those classes.  (and it is lollygagging not galleylagging look it up).  As I am leaving I see my neighbour has returned from their cottage and I chat with him for a few minutes, suddenly his daughter opens the front door and their stupid little rescue dog (they've had since Christmas) charges out of the house and lunges at me biting me 3 times all on the buttocks and upper thigh.  I am in shock and so ANGRY.  MY BUTT is the same height as MY GRANDKIDS FACES.  I don't hold back and tell them what I think about an older rescue dog that obviously cannot be rehabilitated and there is a reason it was there.  They are very apologetic but that isn't enough when you have the prospect of small children being vulnerable to that kind of attack.  I call Drew on my way to the gym and he says he is going to talk with them when he gets home.

Now I am not sure if I can swim since I do not know if I am wounded.  There doesn't appear to be any blood so I am hopeful it is just a bruising bite.  I have a good look in the mirror and ask another lady to check that nothing is open.  There are red marks and it definitely hurts so I know that it will be black and blue but at least no punctures.  The weather is glorious but I don't think the outside pool is open even though I see a couple of staff walking around out there.  No swimmers in the pool though.

I slip into the lap pool and start my laps.  Goal today is 20 laps.  For some reason it is a bit harder today - probably due to the fact that I was shocked!! I do the 20 laps - 2 warm up and 2 cool down included.  I'm happy I made that goal.  Then the lifeguard comes over and after the usual niceties about the temperature of the water etc. he tells me the outside pool is indeed open.  Poop - he coulda told me that before I hopped in the pool and I don't see any signs.  Next time laps are OUTSIDE!

Lunch today is kale salad with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds with 1 tbsp of poppyseed dressing and a very small bit of leftover tuna salad from the other day.

Not sure as yet what dinner will be as Drew has hockey tonight and will grab something to eat before.  These are the days that it is hard to do dinner.  Also tonight is movie night at the Mississauga Celebration Square - might just check that out.  I'll fill you in tomorrow briefly.  I think this is the first blog posting I have done on the day of!!  Now that I am caught up I will attempt to keep it that way.  Unless life or a mad dog gets in the way.  I'll post a pic tomorrow as well.

Tomorrow - Friday TEAM Weight Loss & a Picture


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