Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 22 - Sunday not Necessarily a Day of Rest

Since Drew is up north I decide I should go to the gym - I know original thought!  I'm still feeling the aftermath of the spin class so I think I will just do a few things I know I can do.  I am a corrie (Coronation Street) fan so I like to watch that on Sunday am for a few hours.  Laundry and other household chores get done during the commercial breaks.  And at 11 I head out.

It's not as busy at the gym as I would have thought but it is a long weekend and since the outdoor pool isn't open I guess families have made other plans.  I bump into my friend as she is coming into the locker and she tells me her mom has made the decision to also join.  I am so happy for her as she was very concerned about her parents level of activity.  I head up the stairs and find a treadmill and begin.

Today my plan is to do 30 mins of cardio on the treadmill and then some weight training for the last 30 mins.  I have read up on building your run time on the treadmill and start with the first day's advice.  Warmup for 5 mins at a slow to brisk walk, then run for 3 mins and walk for 2 for a total of 15 minutes running.  It seems fairly easy but the last 3 mins are a bit harder.  I also put the incline at 1% as that is supposed to help make it feel like running outside - wind resistance.  I have the cottage walk/run to look forward to so I am trying to get ready for that.

This is the first time I am going to attempt the routine that Kris has planned out for me.  Unfortunately first up is the 40 lbs of bar lifting and some man is monopolizing that weight bar.  Really?  Isn't that kind of a girly weight (teehee).  So after looking around to see if there is any others I head over to the chin ups.  I set it at 120 and manage to do 35 total (10, 15,10).  It's amazing how much harder it is without someone standing there saying "comeon 4 more, 3 more" etc.  I know I have to push myself but maybe doing 30 mins of cardio first wasn't the right choice.  Live and learn.  I move over to the chest machine - I honestly do not know the correct name for that one - and manage 5 sets of 11 at 50lbs.  I figure that is my feat for today and head back down to the change room.  I bump into Marchesse again and we talk briefly about the studio's end of year show and she tells me she will see me during the week.  She also asks my advice on what she should eat after working out!  Me?  I tell her protein is a must and that the Very Berry Smoothie is a good choice.  She asks about eggs and of course that is a good selection but to add some vegies.  Oh my now I am giving people dietary advice...what is that about.  I guess my progress is more visible than I thought.  I leave with a light step and a smile.  Maybe I will make a difference.

I have made plans to join my son's family for brunch after the gym.  Tess makes me some poached eggs on 1 slice of rye and there is a small bowl of delicious mixed fresh fruit.  Perfect!   Tess is being so supportive and her mom even made me some power bars - which are delicious!!  Maybe I can get them to share the recipe.  I also plan on picking up some flowers to begin the planting process, if not today then definitely will be doing the garden tomorrow.  It is a bit cool and overcast/grey today.

For dinner I have the leftover grilled steak to which I am going to add spinach salad with blueberry roasted walnut dressing.  A recipe Sara has suggested to me and it looks delicious.  And it IS delicious.  I treat myself to a glass of Prosecco which apparently is the lowest in carbs and calories of all the wines. In the picture below you can see the pretty sugar dish (without sugar) my son gave me at the Antique Show on Mother's Day weekend.

Tomorrow even though it is a Holiday Monday Maria has said she will hold the class as there were a few of us interested.


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