Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 5 - On my Own at the Gym

I have no plan for today, just know that I have to keep pushing myself and making myself get up and go to the gym.  Every day if I can - after all it is an "expensive" place at just over $4.00/day.  But think about it, what other activity can you do for $4.00?  I am pretty sure a stand alone pilates or yoga class is @ $8.00 each drop in or more.  How about swimming laps?  I was doing that at a community pool with a sauna afterwards and I am pretty sure that was more than $5.00.  And the shower didn't supply anything - or a towel.  And you couldn't do it everyday if you wanted to.

At Life Time Athletics I can do all of those things in one day if I wanted to.  I can check out any number of activities.

Spin Class - included
Pilates - included - with or without machines
Yoga - included - many types (who knew) including hot
Zumba- included - some day :p
Latin Fusion - included
Aqua Fitness - included

There are so many more I can't remember everything nor do I think I will try everything but there are definitely some for sures in that list.

So my first official day at the gym on my own not meeting a trainer or the dietician I'm like - ok - what should I do?  I know that cardio is first on the improvement list so I hit the machine since I already have that figured out. I plug my Ipod in (which somehow seems to have music that my youngest son has added...gotta get that changed) and begin.  I did another 45 minutes and built up to a brisk walk of 3.5 mph.  Felt pretty good about that.

After the treadmill I decided to try a few arm machines since I've also been told or read somewhere that you should alternate between an arms workout day and a legs workout day.  So since my legs were still feeling pretty sore from the 100 squats, I tried the arm machines.  I did those for 30 mins in sets of 20.  Not bad. Mind you I only did 20 lbs but hey that's heavier than Elle!!  Baby steps, people, baby steps.

Since I've been getting to the shop pretty late the past few days and actually didn't make it at all after my hair appointment I thought I better hit the shower and get to work.

Tomorrow is Friday and another on my own day.


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