Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 16 - Drill Sargeant Time

Monday is here and we start the day with a smoothie.  I have some new recipes to try that Sara emailed me but I need a few ingredients that I hope to pick up later today.  Since I am now taking Monday's off work my thoughts are that I will spend the mornings at the gym.  Drew is happy he doesn't need to take maddog Georgia to work with him and she can happily stay here and sleep in her own bed.  Poor Georgia, she is old and very cantankerous.

At the gym, Maria comes over and introduces herself and then we get right down to work.  Somehow I was given the impression last week that Keith is a much tougher trainer.  I beg to differ.  Maria is like a drill sergeant.  We do not let up for one single minute.  Monday's are also the day we have a nutrition meeting as part of the group (with Sara).  Sara told Maria she would be expecting us at 9:30. We were still going hard at it at 9:40!  Keith opened my eyes to running (well kind of) but Maria is not about the running.  She is about changing quickly from one exercise to the next with hardly even a chance to catch your breath or drink some water.  I am drenched by about 10 minutes in.  We have walked slow, walked fast, up increasing inclines, done pushups, lunges, inclines increase, incline decrease, pause treadmill, off the treadmill, small weight exercises, all the while we never ever stop.  I am totally winded by the time we get off and head up to the Education Room where Sara is pacing waiting for us.  I understand how Maria is driving us to get our cardio up and moving different muscle groups.  But somehow I miss Keith's approach.

The nutrition portion is about Detoxification.  Sara explains how we have toxins deposited in our bodies, which organs hold them and how they are attracted to fat deposits.  (so that's what's around my belly - its toxins!)  She goes on to say how we lose weight also contributes to how toxins are stored or purged from our bodies.  The more times you try to lose weight (ie yoyo dieting) the more toxins seem to be present.  Well thats not great news.  She also informs us that there is a DTox program that may be helpful to those whose weight loss has hit a plateau or is not moving.  It is something to consider perhaps but I am not interested at this point as I am just starting my journey and will think about it if and when I hit that plateau.  Since toxins in our body come from many sources (air, food, water) and can lead to disease (cancer, diabetes, disorders) I think at some point I will do the detox.  Kinda scary that the lymphatic system is where a lot of toxins are found.

After that part I head down to the change room to grab my earbuds, use the washroom and refill my bottle again.  There are a few ladies from the group chatting.  I listen in and find that one of the ladies has been there for 2 years and has not lost a single pound.  I am distressed for her.  Everyone tries to give her friendly advice but I think the major point was that she needs to speak to Sara and perhaps try the detox program.  I hope for her sake that helps jumpstart her ability to drop some pounds.

Back upstairs I decide to spend 30 mins on the treadmill.  This time I do an up and down speed from 3.0 to 4.2 and back.  3 mins down 3 mins up.  I do this 5 times for a total of 15 minutes at running speed.  First time I have done that on my own.  I am so proud of myself.  After that I think I will check out my friend the scale.  Another lady is trying it out but I can see she doesn't know how to use it.  I wait patiently then she gets off and asks me to show her.  I have only used it with supervision but I try by doing it myself.  I am so disappointed as it shows I have gone up a few pounds.  Damn that dinner!  But my BF % is showing as 39%.  That is 11% down from when I started.  So at least that is a positive.  I promise myself I will not go off track this weekend for sure! The lady says thank you and she gives it another try.

I hit the showers and decide that I am now very hungry.  It is going on 12 so I head to the Lifecafe to have some lunch.  I decide on the salad with beans and chicken.  They toss it up with balsamic vinegar and olive oil for me.  As I am sitting eatting, Sara comes in and asks if she can sit with me for 5 minutes.  Of course she can.  I enjoy her company.  She notes what I have chosen to eat and tells me to eat the whole thing!   It is quite large but I tell her I will give it a good try.  We chat about food and she asks what I did upstairs and I tell her I ran after class.  She laughs with me about the "runner" thing and reminds me of my goal.  She leaves the table and reminds me that we are meeting Wed am at 8 for my health score testing.  I do eat the whole thing!

After I leave I planned on doing groceries and also want to stock up on stuff from the bulk barn.  Since the bulk barn I like is in Square One next to Walmart that's where I will do my shopping.  Armed with my list of recipe suggestions I pick up fresh almond butter, quinoa, steel cut oats, ground flax seed, some sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, fresh peanut butter, 5 grain pancake mix and various spices that I was low on.  That all came to about 23.00.  Unbelievable, love the Bulk Barn.  I then head into Walmart and pick up fresh vegetables, mixed salad greens, some fruits and some squashes.  Eggs, whole wheat pita and whole wheat english muffins and a few other items fill up the cart.

Back at home I decide that I am going to purge.  I clean out the fridge, emptying jars, disposing of foods we won't be eating for awhile if ever again.  A few items I keep to give to my bachelor son.  The rest is into the garbage bin or down the disposer.  I wipe down all the surfaces and feel pretty good about making this decision.  I put away the stuff that needs refrigeration or freezing.  Now I have another dilemma.  I have a lot of powdery substances or grains that need to be stored neatly and efficiently as well as being easy to access and use.  I search through the cupboard and come up with 2 smallish canning jars to put the nuts in.  One for walnuts and one for the sliced almonds.  However, I still have lots to deal with.  I stop this when Drew comes home so I can make dinner.  We have grilled salmon on the bbq with butternut squash and the rest of the asparagus from last week.  As Drew grills the salmon he also grills up 5 chicken breasts so we have those to grab for lunch or dinner through the week.  As we are eating we talk about the storage and I tell him that I  really really like something I found on pinterest.

Isn't that awesome?  However that is not going to help me right away.  I also really like what my friend Brenda has in her cottage kitchen but unfortunately that item seems to be discontinued.  Drew says why don't I get some more mason jars and use my new label maker.  Ok I think I can live with that and after dinner head to Target and pick up 4 medium size and 4 smaller sized wide mouth Bell mason jars.  While I'm there I remember that I was going to buy a new yoga mat as I want to try that class tomorrow.  My old mat, which I have only used maybe 5 times, is not usable thanks to my hubby who "borrowed" it to cushion things in his truck bed.  I do not think that I will like to use that again!  Would have been nice if he had bought me a new one.  At Target they have a pink one on sale (Champion) and I find an exercise band that doubles as a sling for the mat. Hopefully pink will be a deterrent to the borrower.  

At home I find the jars are going to work really well and I can even put the butters in a small jar.  Now we are organized enough that breakfast or lunch making should be an easy task.

So life changes are ahappening and they start in the kitchen.  I purged alot of garbage food, cleaned the fridge out and made our new way easy to apply.

Happy all around.

Tomorrow - Tuesday try out Yoga Day


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