Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 24 - Massage Day

Since I have worked out ALL weekend and not to mention gardening for 4 hours yesterday, I do not feel the least bit guilty about having a massage.  It is 50.00 for an "express" massage and I am looking forward to it.

I go into the spa area and they ask if I have a preference for a male or female massage therapist.  Since I've never done this before I simply say no and the girl says that is good as the female therapist is not feeling very well today.  She gives me a form to fill out and I sit down in the waiting area to do that. There is a lot of things to fill out including my current state of health, previous health issues and any current concerns I have.  I think I filled it out correctly.  After a few minutes Ken arrives and introduces himself to me.  He is a pretty big guy I hope he is gentle.

He leads me into the spa itself and into a room.  The massage bed is heated and comfy looking with a sheet and blanket covering.  We talk for a few minutes about this being my first massage and what I am looking to have addressed.  Since I just started working out (24 days ago) and did all that gardening yesterday I have a few spots that are sore/tender.  Today my right leg just above the knee feels especially tight. However, since I have booked only 30 minutes he suggests concentrating on my back and neck.  He also tells me that with some work and manipulation he should be able to help alleviate my lower back pain but that would have to be at another appointment. He also tells me something that I have not realized or done.  I should stretch before gardening!  Who knew!  I mention that I've been advised to only stretch warm muscles he says that using a heating pad on my leg muscles briefly then stretching or going for a little walk before would be the thing to do.  Now he asks me to select an essential oil fragrance from their large collection and I choose eucalyptus.  He leaves the room so I can remove my shirt and sports bra and I lay face down on the bed with the sheet and blanket over me.  When he knocks I say come in and pray I do not embarrass myself or act awkward.  He discreetly pulls the sheet down to my hip area tucking it into the top of my pants - which I have left on.  He then proceeds to spend 30 minutes kneading, pushing, pulling and massaging my upper and lower back, my shoulders and my neck.  At times it is quite painful  but I can feel things loosening up and also where I have tension or muscle tightness.  He talks about what he is doing and why and what it will help.  Not once do I feel uncomfortable other than that caused by his very deft and strong hands.  He jokes that he is only using about 30% of his pressure ability, well that is MORE than enough for me...ouch.

When he finishes he advises me to take my time getting up and that sometimes people feel a bit dizzy.  Thank you for telling me that.  I wish more people told you stuff like that..."spin class"...

I dress quickly and as I leave the room I shake his hand and thank him for a nice massage experience.  He asks if I will be a return customer and I think I will be.

I don't have to shower today but I hit the Lifecafe to grab something for lunch.  The tuna salad looks inviting and add a green salad as well.  Since I had to drop the dog off at the shop before my appointment I didn't leave myself enough time to grab lunch from my fridge.  I really need to put some groceries into the fridge at work but since Drew and I are on the same diet I feel that would be doubling up on groceries so I am concentrating on bringing lunch and mid afternoon snack with me everyday.  I do have yogurt and granola there too. Once at work I feel pretty relaxed and I can definitely feel what Ken concentrated on.  I think I will give that a 10 out of 10 on the experience chart.

Drew is up north til tomorrow morning sometime so I make plans to meet a friend at our local pub for a light dinner and a card game after tap class tonight.  Yes you heard right I am also taking tap on Tuesday nights. That is going ok.  It is fun and I have learned lots but my brain and my feet are definitely on two different wavelengths.  Our regular teacher is not available so the studio owner subs in.  I enjoy her class and her method of teaching.  We learn the first half of the shim sham shimmy - you know it - you just don't know you know it - and I am happy when I actually get it in the slower version.  At least I end up at the same spot at the same time as everyone else.  That's good right???

Tomorrow is Wednesday - and you know what that is....TEAM Fitness bring it on Maria!


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