Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 28 - Just keep on Spinning....and Updated pictures

I made some homemade/natural gatorade last night - if you want the recipe ask and I will post it - in anticipation of my second and hopefully more successful attempt at spin class.  I've read up on it, asked questions and I think I am ready to try  do it.  It was not funny what happened last week and I am just a bit nervous.

To start with more than 1 hour before I make an omelette with spinach, tomato, red pepper and a touch of basil with one slice of whole grain bread.   I start hydrating with water.  Also last night I had a few carbs to try and fuel myself as well.  I had chicken fajitas so the wraps count as my carb. I took a sip of the gatorade and that stuff is pretty strong.  Cat recommends a 50/50 with water so that's what I do in a separate water bottle.  I fill 2 bottle with plain water as well.  One to drink on the way to the gym.

This time I'm going to save my buttocks (which are still a tad sore from the dog incident) and wear my bike shorts - which fit comfortably now since they are not stretched within a mm of their life - and bring my gel bike seat. I can't possibly be anymore prepared - I hope.

I get there 15 minutes before class begins and grab a banana as Sara has advised me to eat a whole banana before spinning. Before heading upstairs I stop at the fitness desk to see if Maria is going to be in the class today.  She tells me to take it easy and that she already did the earlier class.  She high fives me when I tell her my bit of news (I will share that later - with the picture). When I tear up a bit she says "you should be happy you have worked hard for that" I am happy those are happy tears - my eyes leak that way all the time.

Upstairs in the Spin Studio I say hello to Joseph and he is glad to see me and tells me again to just go at my own pace.  Karen is also there (the lady that was beside me last week) and when I set up my bike she looks over and says I still need a bit of adjustment on the height of the bars and the distance between the bars and the seat.  That made a huge difference!  Warming up it feels ok you know where.  Joseph tells us today we are going to do the Tour de France but there will not be any french wine or cheese (OKA??).

If you have done a spin class then you know the way it goes.  Warm up, increase RPM's and increase resistance and then the push and runs (running is standing up in the bike not an easy task) in 30 second to 1 minute intervals.  I do everything but can't manage the full minute run as my legs start to burn and shake.  So I do it in 30 second intervals and push as hard as I can.  25 minutes in I start to feel a bit shakier and nauseous even though I am drinking a lot of water and I am soaking wet.  I open the gatorade/water mix and start sipping that down.  Even though there is only 1/2 tsp of sea salt in 2 litres of water I can taste it.  There is also a lot of ginger and it helps to settle my stomach right away.  I feel better and do the push and runs again but after about 5 or 10 minutes I decide no more runs.  I look at the clock and hang in for the full 45 minutes by pushing and not running.  I cool down for 5 minutes while he goes through the last push and run with the class.  While they cool down I stretch my quads, hamstrings and calves.  I am soaked but I am also elated.  I did it.  I did not let it beat me.  And maybe I like it.  Seems I learn something new everyday.  A new class and also something new about me.  As Brenda said and I quoted before - your mind will hold your body back but your body is capable of anything.  Joseph and Karen both congratulate me on getting through it and Joseph tells me that by the time I do that bike ride in the not too distant future, it will seem like a mini baguette.  I agreed after all I have done the Tour De France, anything else will be a piece of gateaux.

This journey is definitely interesting and challenging.  BUT I am happy, I feel great for the most part (soreness aside) and I want to keep going.

So here is the awaited picture.  I have to preface this with a short story.  I went to Joe Fresh to see if I could find some tshirt or light blouse to wear with 2 of my summer skirts which I tried on and I can wear now.  I saw so many good prices on things that I tried some stuff on.  I picked out a dress in size large and thought - gee that looks big - so I grabbed a medium.  And it FIT.  And the sleeves were not too tight.  I have had so many issues over the years with sleeves being way too tight.  I realize you can totally see my belly button and my belly but what the heck - it FIT.  Did I totally skip a size?

Geezus - why am I never smiling?? I should be beaming.

Then just for fun I thought I would try a pair of shorts and jeans - in SIZE 14.  I haven't worn a 14 in probably 2 or 3 years maybe more.  I bought both.  Here is a picture of me in the jeans.

So even though I have lost 11 pounds and I thought that I would need to lose 10 more to fit into a medium, the inches I have lost on my waist, hips, thighs, bust and upper arms has made more of a difference.  I only bought a couple of things (2 dresses, the shorts & jeans and a silk blouse - all on super reduced prices) and I also treated myself to a new pair of shoes which I am wearing in the jean photo.  Those were from Winners also greatly reduced.  I think after 28 days of hard work I deserve something, after all, I don't think those XL size 18 jeans I have from Reitmans are gonna fit me much longer... if they even do now - should I try them?  Nah.

I have things in my closet I cannot wait to wear again.  Nothing from the 80's I promise.

Tomorrow is Sunday...what shall I do?


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