Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 34 - Stat Day & Picture Update

I was remiss to not do my stats and updated picture yesterday as has been the way I have been doing this all along. So instead I will do it today.

Start                      Day 19          Day 26      Day 34
Weight - 190         181.9             179             179
BF% - 47.8           41                                     39
Waist - 40.5"         38"                 36"              35.5
Bust - 44"              42.5"              42"              41.5
Hip - 46"                44"                 43"             42.5 
Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"             12"               12
Calf - 18"                 16.5"             15.5"           15.5
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"             22.5"            22

Ok, so maybe I haven't changed in a few things such as weight and BF but a few of the numbers have still changed so something is still happening. I don't know how this works but it does.

So after measuring myself, I am feeling a bit happier and I will share a picture with you now too.  I am wearing my new size 14 shorts from Joe Fresh (and they are actually a bit loose in the waist but not the hips).

Look Ma, no extra chins!!  And I am smiling for a change.  Those are also my new shoes from Winners.  That chain belt I have had for awhile and when I last tried it I couldn't even meet the two ends now it is done up and there is a bit of slack.  That is pretty cool :)

I need a tan.

Lunch was Kale salad with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds.
Dinner is a new recipe for salmon.  This weekend we have events going on and I have a feeling eating may be a challenge.  So no carbs at all tonight.  The salmon turns out really good and Drew says it is his new favourite salmon recipe. Score!

Tomorrow is Saturday and we are going biking but not spinning.  In the evening we are attending a gala event.


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