Friday, May 16, 2014

Day 19 - I Promised a Stat Day

Thursday Thursday, why isn't there anything that comes to my mind about thursdays?  So lets make it stat day.  

Start                      Day 19
Weight - 190         181.9
BF% - 47.8            39 - 41
Waist - 40.5"         38"  
Bust - 44"               42.5"
Hip - 46"                44"
Run - 0                   1.75 miles

The following measurements I am just starting from today but since I sew for a living and quite often have to figure things out using available body parts I will note the amounts I remember from some point this past season.

Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"
Calf - 18"                 16.5"
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"
Those are probably pretty accurate as I often joke about young ladies who have 24" waists or smaller and that they are smaller than my thighs...and measure to show.

Wow - look at those numbers.   Just over 8 lbs but also look at the other numbers.  2.5" off my waist, 2" off my hips and 1.5" off my boobs.  The body fat percentage is still a bit high but definitely down from where I started.   And "Now that I'm a runner"  I have gone from not being able to run out of the rain to running for a total of 1.75 miles.  What what??  

I'm going to post 2 pics here.  I am trying to show myself in the same outfit and see if you can see what I see.

First off - the pants are much looser all around.  Especially through the legs even though you can't see them in the original photo from Easter Sunday.  The top sits better.  It is not pulling across the stomach and there is room in the armhole. I think I may have lost one of my chins!  And my arm is starting to resemble an arm.  I will take another picture at home in my black outfit that I have been using but for right now I can definitely feel and see the difference.  I just bought this outfit.  The pants are Material Girl - size XL - from the Hudson's Bay Outlet in Ottawa.  I bought 2 pairs different colours on sale for 11.00/pr.  The top is from Reitman's.  Also an XL because anything else wouldn't fit through the boobs or the armhole would be too tight.  I am not going to purchase anything new until I get down to MEDIUM.  That is 2 dress sizes and I believe an average of 10 lbs/dress size.  So frankly I have 11 lbs to get to that size.  Comfortably probably 15.  I want to note that my feet are already looking much skinnier :p.

Today I hit the pool.  I am feeling the strain of this week in most areas of my body.  Back, arms and especially that left side.  Swimming is an excellent overall exercise.  My goal is to swim 1 mile (35 laps of the lap pool) before the end of June.  I typically do a freestyle.  Last week I did 14 laps.  Today I want to hit the 1/2 mile which would be 17 laps.  It seems that there is always room in the lap pool at the time I am there anyway.  I note that there are 2 men doing laps.  One is wearing flippers - really?  Isn't that kind of cheating?  And the other one is wearing some kind of compression socks.  You certainly see all sorts. Anyway,  I start with 2 easy laps of breaststroke, head up , warming up.  Then I begin the push.  I do 8 quick laps of breaststroke, this is my strongest stroke and my go-to.  Next I flip over and go into the backstroke or back-crawl.  I like this one but I have a hard time keeping straight in the lane so I concentrate on the fire sprinklers in the ceiling and use that as my line.  I stop briefly after 2 laps to slow down my breath and then knock off 2 more laps.  Feeling a bit tired but determined I then did 2 laps of the front crawl.  This is not my strongest stroke and to do it near the end is very challenging.  I take a quick break and then do 2 more laps of breaststroke to cool down.  And that is 18 laps total, just over the 1/2 mile mark.   My time on the quick part (8,4 & 2) is 10 minutes.  Not great but not bad either. I figure if I add 2 laps each time I should be able to make my goal. Swimming has always been my favourite sport and one of the prime reasons I joined here.  The outdoor pool doesn't look like it will be open this weekend after all as they need the temperature to be 21C.  And the forecast doesn't have that number in it.  When the outdoor pool is open the indoor ones will be closed so I will be doing laps outside.  That will be awesome.

I am amazed at where I am after 19 days.  I have to voice that I am kindof disappointed in the weight loss as someone, who I won't mention their name, told me I could lose "up to" 25 lbs in the first month.  Well, I know I am still 11 days from one month but I think I will be happy if I hit 15.  Keep posted...

Tomorrow - Friday is WLG day... what does Maria have planned for us??



  1. You go, Girl! Amazing progress!
    Why don't you challenge some of your chubby cousins to join you? I could use the motivation and accountability.

  2. Ok - are you up for it Christine??? I would so LOVE all my cousins to hop on the fitness, health, weight loss wagon with me. I want us all to be visiting and laughing with each other well into our 80's or 90's - think of Gam! I am not sure how many cousins are reading this blog but I will mention it in an upcoming post if you are game. And thank you, from the bottom of my heart for cheering for me in your corner of the world. LOVE YOU xoxoxo