Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 15 - Mother's Day Classic!

Sunday is here and I am looking forward to golf this afternoon.  Breakfast is a bowl of Kashi granola with blueberries and almond milk as Drew is going to spend some time with his mom.  I'm just going to veg around the house, watch Coronation Street and enjoy the fact that I can sit out on my front porch at last.

Since we are teeing off at 1 pm, I go up to get ready around 11 since Drew likes to be at the course around 1 hour before - for some reason that isn't totally clear to me he always likes to be really early.  I am perplexed as to what to wear.  I am not sure it is warm enough for shorts.  I have 2 pairs of IZOD shorts and a skort I purchased on sale before the end of last year.  Suffice it to say they are xlarge so I know they will fit but again it may still be cool on the course.  So I have 2 pairs of golf pants. A black pair and a very lightweight tan pair.  I try on the black - I can not zip them up.  That is so disappointing but not surprising as I am pretty sure they are maybe a 14.  So back in the closet they go.  The tan ones come out but I am leary as the last time I wore them last summer or fall they were pretty tight.  I was able to do them up but it was not a good look if you know what I mean.  I am pleasantly surprised to not only find I can zip them up but they are fitting perfectly now!  They are not tight around the waist and the zipper is not pulling.  This means that what I have lost is now showing in my clothes.  I even put on a belt.  I used to wear the belt on the last hole, now I can put it on the 3rd hole AND it is still a bit loose but the 4th is just a tad snug.  Check this out!

So while this is a little progress it is still a definite progression in the right direction!  I feel great that I can wear these without feeling sausage like.  I do not say anything to Drew when he arrives home as he thinks I should wear shorts but I am completely happy with my choice.

I am ready to walk the course but the course we are golfing at you are required to use the cart. Since Drew has a new fancy shmancy fitness watch he is going to keep tally of how much he actually walks.  Now about this fitness device.  Somehow the fact that I asked for one for Mother's Day made him buy himself one.  Not just any one but a Samsung.  This baby not only tracks heart rate, steps and calories; it also monitors your sleep, answers your cellphone, delivers your email, lets you text or orally call someone, takes pictures, and lets you control the television!!  Its Dick Tracy time.  
Except Drew has a mustache and I still don't have my own version.  I better not ever ask for a corvette!! 

Turns out that even though we had a cart Drew still managed to walk almost 9000 steps.  Which works out to 4.5 miles!  And I think it was over 300 calories burned.  All in all not a bad way to get some exercise.  Not exactly a cardio workout but nevertheless still a good fitness activity.   I had an alright game for my first time out this season.  I was pretty pooped by the end of the day and we decided to just go home and put our feet up on the porch.  I tried to figure out what to have for dinner since it is Mother's Day I am not cooking.  I think Japanese maybe a good choice and order chow mein and chicken teriyaki.  It is more than enough to eat.  Hayley joins us after she finished work and brought me a lovely little gift of an interesting looking book (mind food) and some dark chocolate covered cranberries.  I think I will save those for a reward day.

Tomorrow - Weight Loss Group with Maria!


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