Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 14 Mother's Day Weekend

Since I am spending the day with Ty and Tess at the Aberfoyle antique market I am not sure how to approach the food.  I start the day with 1 cup of Kashi granola with almond milk and I put a bottle of water and a banana in my shopping bag.  I am hoping that the restaurant on the grounds has something I can eat.   I find that now I have to think ahead like that if I want to try and stay on track.  At least the weather is finally feeling like spring/summer and being able to be outside and walking around is a great treat.

I get picked up and I mention to Tyler that the market is only open til 4 and that there are 150 dealers.  He shrugs and says we don't have to see each one... I'm like what of course we do..duh.  I have a couple items in my mind that I hope to find at a reasonable price.  We get there and it is pretty busy but not as much as I thought it would be.  We have a great time walking around, taking a few breaks here and there so Tess can feed Elle.  Tess finds a few beautiful pieces of crystal and barters a good deal.  I pick up a little square crystal sugar bowl with a cute spoon.  It's 10.00 and Tyler buys if for me for Mother's Day.  What a sweetie.  I'm going to put some raw sugar cubes in it.

We have lunch and I decide on a toasted western on brown.  It is pretty yummy I eat 1/2 the bread and all the egg.  Water to wash it down.  I see the poutine Ty is eating but surprisingly I don't covet it.  Elle entertains us as we eat and when we finished eating she got to eat too.

The day ends with us not buying very much but we have had a great bonding time as a family and we will be back again as we didn't get to all the dealers - surprisingly.  Tess ends up with the 3 pieces of crystal, some books by her favourite author and a sweet little silver aquamarine and diamond ring.  I have the square crystal sugar bowl and a small silver footed vase with a glass frog.  I wanted one since I saw something like that on Downton Abby.  SCORE!  Thank you Ty and Tess for the Mother's Day gifts.  And for the awesome time together.

For dinner I feel like seafood so Drew and I head to Red Lobster.  I literally have not been there since I was pregnant with Nick.  We both order the baked seafood dish with lobster, scallops and shrimp.  I am sure that is probably NOT on the can have list, however I do not eat the bread at all, I started with a salad and just eat the fish.

Tomorrow being Mother's day we will be celebrating by golfing with my youngest son.  It is the annual Mother's day Golf Classic.  This tradition started about 5 years ago and at that time Tyler also joined us.  But times have changed and I cannot begrudge him spending time with Tess on her first Mother's day and also her mom who has recently immigrated here from Zimbabwe.  That is life isn't it.  We marry, we have children, we spend all our time and effort on raising them and then they move out and start their own lives.  Now we can concentrate on our lives as a couple as we grow older.  Being healthy and fit will certainly allow us that luxury.

Tomorrow - Golf and another pic :)


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