Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 25 - 25 or 6 to 4....

Wednesday I wake up feeling tired today.  Our dog (maddog Georgia) is having some issues and tonight is one of those nights where she is up a lot.  Tired or not - it is TEAM Weight Loss and I make sure I have a decent breakfast (Granola, almond milk and blueberries) along with my daily vitamin, calcium and extra D.  The weather is quite nice today - finally things are looking up.

I grab the weights (I've moved up to 5 lbs lol), a towel and a rubber band. Then I see that there is also one much larger weight sitting by some of the treadmills so I grab one for myself.  Most of the usual suspects are here, the new guy is not but there are 2 new women.  It must be hard to try and design a workout based on all the different levels that are at every class.  But Maria is good and makes sure to help the new clients and tells them what at their level.  Its going to be an endurance day and lots of quick rotation through the exercises, on and off the treadmill.  I mentioned the tightness in my right knee so through the class she gives me options to prevent hurting it.  I still get a great workout and note that now my heart rate averages 112 - 117.  Even when I am breathing hard and my chest feels like it is jumping.  That is a big difference from that first week with Keith and I wonder if I am working hard enough.  Not knowing what my fat burning heart rate is does make me wonder.  Class is a good workout and I have worked up a good sweat.  This time Maria tells us to stretch when we are done working out and that feels good.  I also decide that I am going to use the foam roller to try and loosen that leg up a bit more.

Over in that area is Liz who has been getting private training with Kris and was the appointment before mine.  She is younger than I and has 3 young children (twins 6 and another age 10) and we chat as we do the foam roller thingie that Kris has obviously shown both of us.  We talk about being a mom and finding time for ourselves especially when we have sick children at home.  That finding time to fold laundry let alone cook good healthy meals is increasingly difficult to do.  I tell her some of my experiences over the years and what I used to make my life easier and more organized - so to speak.  She asks me if I would mind giving her some crock pot recipes so I tell her I'll write a couple down for her but to just try anything really.  I haven't had many meals that didn't translate well to that type of cooking.  I can empathize with her and I am glad that she is doing this for herself now.  Not in 20 years like I did.  It will be a lot easier for her now.

I head back to the fitness desk to chat with Maria for a moment about maybe doing the Metabolic Testing that will give me my "zones" and other information to use in continuing to develop my fitness regimen. There is a special on til the end of May but since I am already paying for the group and Sara on top of my monthly fee I tell her I will think about it.  She fills out a form and dates it for May 31st and tells me to just let her know either way by then and she will put it through or not at that point.

I suddenly realize I had someone coming in today for a sewing lesson (sorry Victoria) and rush through my shower routine.  I hear from the shop that she has been and will call me when I get in.  We work it out and when she returns I help her learn to cut and sew a bonnet for her wee baby girl.  Its a nice way to spend a few hours in the afternoon.  Look at that sweet little face and cute bonnet - Success!

Lunch today is a Longo salad bar lunch with greens, grilled chicken, berries and I add 1/2 a small avocado.

Dinner is not good tonight.  I've decided to work late to get a job done for a client as I am ready for this season to be over.  Since Drew has returned from the cottage and is also working late, although at home, I take the opportunity to have him pick up the dog and leave me to work in peace.  Since I ate lunch well after 3 (after Victoria left) I am not that hungry and have 2 rice cakes with almond butter. Not a nutritious choice I am sure but it fills the spot.  Along with some fresh water with lemon I feel reenergized and finish everything up.  Home by 11:30 and in bed by 11:44.  Drew works until 2am though and we are both going to be tired tomorrow when the alarm goes off.

Tomorrow - Thursday Swim Day??? And a stat update.


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