Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 27 - why did I think it was 30 .....

Friday, another TEAM Weight Loss day.  My right knee is still uncomfortable so I am not sure if I will run.  Maria has said today would be a fun day...sure it's always fun Maria!  Exercise is FUN...ok maybe not ALL the time but when you find you are able to do something yes it does feel like fun.  The class is full to capacity.  New guy is back and there are 2 more new faces. Marchesse and her mom have decided to try it this morning.  We chat for a minute and then I look at the clock and run over to my treadmill before Maria joins us.

Today is circuit day and being there are so many we will split up and some do circuit 1 on the treadmill and the others do 2 and 3 on floor where equipment has been set up for us.

This is our circuit today:


  • walk/run 400m at 3% incline 
  • 20 pushups
  • walk/run 400m at 3% incline
  • 20 pushups
  • walk/run 600m at 5% incline
  • 25 jumping jacks
  • Run 30 seconds at 7% incline

  • row 200m 
  • TRX pullups 1 minute
  • Battling rope 1 minute
  • repeat 2x

  • ski 200m
  • TRX squat jumps 1 minute
  • ab roller 1 minute
  • run on BOCE ball 1 minute
  • abs on BOCE ball 1 minute
  • repeat 2x
Then back to the treadmill to cool down.

Typed out it may not seem like a lot but the idea is to get up to zone 2 or 3 and maintain that for the entire time and not wander into zone 4 for more than 30 seconds.  The only thing I didn't do were the jumps on the squat jump but I did squat.  Trust me when you are running through this you are sweating and it is hard.  That battling rope is long and heavy and your arms start to ache quite quickly.

I see that Marchesse is working along pretty good but her mom stays on the treadmill and I think that is fine for the very first day.  After class they chat with Maria and sign up for the program.  I will see them Monday morning.  I am happy that they are joining us.

Since I didn't do the special scale yesterday I decide to check it out today.  I see Sara and we catch up, she is a bit hoarse today and she's injured herself kickboxing.  Girl after my own heart.  She comes over to the scale to see what's what as well.  I get on and hold the wands/hands and watch the lines etc.  Weight wise it says 180. I'm still ok with that since 10 or 11 pounds in 27 days is awesome.  What I am really interested in is the BF %.  Sara punches in my ID number and we watch the screen.  Apparently the lines that indicate each individual body part look good - not so much in the fat zone ie percentage of that body part that is fat.  Overall ...drum roll please.... my BF% is now 38.3.  Yes 38.3 down from 47.8.  That is huge and soon I hope to be on the chart that is posted above the scale.  That number is 30.  Doesn't seem impossible now.

I know that it isn't all about the scale.  But, it is an indicator of progress.  And I am making progress.  Sara say's that being down 10 or 11 pounds in less than a month is crazy since she hopes for most people to do 1 pound per week which is a very healthy weight loss pattern.  I am very very happy :)  Sara is such a lovely girl, we talk for 15 minutes or so about non gym related stuff and I think we have the beginning of a great relationship that goes beyond client/dietitian.

Check out this jibjab I made....

Lunch today is greens with small bits of ham and sliced almonds, toasted whole wheat english muffin with 2 oz of cheddar cheese and 2 small slices of ham and mustard. FYI mustard has 0 calories, 0.2 sugar - 0 carbs so you can add that yellow stuff to anything.

Dinner I am not sure as yet.  Drew is back up to the cottage to finish what he's working on (hot tub) and to feed the black flies.

Tomorrow - I am going to attempt Spin Class again wish me luck!


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