Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 13 - and its Friday....

Friday dawns and I'm up and at em.  Breakfast is another smoothie.  Today is Keith's last day leading this particular group and I'm already used to the way he runs the class. On top of that, after all, he is the motivator who got me "running"...lol.

Everyday there is a different lean to the group.  I imagine they do that to keep you engaged and not bored. We start off as usual in zone 3 and over the course of the class he ramps us up to zone 4 (the run zone) 4 times with the last one lasting 5 1/2 minutes.  I find my easy loping is around 4.1 to 4.2 but I am feeling the top of my left hamstring from the last class.  Also, stupidly, I have worn a different pair of shoes.  The ones I have been wearing are classed as walking shoes so I thought, since I'm a runner now, I should try my other shoes which I had purchased this winter.  They are the red olympic Adidas and I like them but find that they are tighter over the arch of my foot due to the fact the tongue is attached to both sides of the shoe.  Saying that, they seem to be tight enough to in effect cut off the circulation to parts of my foot and I find I'm running on numb feet.  So... not doing that again, I guess I will stick to the walking shoes or perhaps seek out a new pair more suited to what I have added to my workout repertoire.

After the treadmill we are told to find a partner.  Well just like high school I get picked last and lucky me I have Keith as a partner.  We have to throw a friggen heavy medicine ball to each other.  Catch and throw it back over our head.  I get hit in the stomach and once in the chin but I got him back I threw it almost over his head.  Then we take turns lying on a mat while the other one drops er throws the ball to them.  We have a few giggles over that.  That ball is pretty heavy when it drops onto your stomach!  (Thank god I didn't toot.) We end with some good stretching over at the bars. Each day I exchange names with a new person.  We are still all women and one man (Frances) and there seems to be more than 15 of us.  I guess Monday will show me how tough Maria is compared to Keith - although Lee and Lynn have been saying Keith is tougher.

I try a different lunch today.  I have a 4 oz piece of grilled chicken cut up into 1 cup of tomato soup.  Also 1 slice of Bavarian bread with a few thin slices of hard cheese.  It's quite yummy and more than enough food.  For dinner I thought I would make a dish I saw on the Marilyn Denis show.  I have to find shakiraki or something like that noodles.  It is quite easy to make.  The noodles are quite hard to find.  I go to Oceans and after asking 2 or 3 people a young man tells me that they are yam noodles and where to find them.  Yam??? ooh ok.  So I find a bunch of different varieties and read the label on the back.  They have hardly anything to them.  No fat, no sugar, no carbs.  Is it really food??  I follow the directions and make a yummy thai flavoured dinner with a few pieces of scallopini turkey breast, red curry paste, no salt no sugar peanut butter (ok, i didnt have any of that so I used less then the recipe - I will go and buy some on the weekend).  Along with bell peppers and onion it cooks up really fast and is filling.  Drew says he likes it and that is a good thing.  It only took about 15 mins.  Its fun but challenging to find new recipes that are carbless.  That's a new word.  I just made it up - feel free to use it :)  Starting this at this time of year works very well for me.  First off I am ready to eat salad foods.  If it was winter that would be harder for me.  Also my workload has dropped off considerably therefore having the extra time to spend at the gym.  I don't have anyone to drive around to and from school or dance so I can concentrate just on what I am doing and eating.

I am not planning on going to the gym tomorrow.  I was originally going to try and catch a yoga class or something before I meet up with my daughter-in-law.  But plans have changed slightly and instead of me going there - which is quite close to the facility - they are picking me up around 10:30.

Tomorrow and Sunday - one blog about my weekend.  Happy Mothers Day!!


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