Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 10 - Already?? And I'm on my own

Tuesday is just another day of the week.  Typically low key and routine.  Not anymore.  On the days I do not have appointments or group meetings I still fully plan on going to the gym.  Today is one of those days.  I stay until 9 at home and my husband has left for work so I head over to the gym.  Traffic is a little better just past nine and I cruise there in 10 mins.  I am not too sore from the group yesterday so think today, being my second full week at the gym, I'm going to start trying some classes.  First I think yoga.  However, it seems I need my own mat?  My mat - that I've had for maybe 5 years has been doing non yoga duty as a shock absorber in Drew's truck bed. Yup you heard that right. His computer parts have been doing some yoga on their own time.  It is not looking like something I might want to use for yoga class.  Maybe for crawling under a truck but not for sweating while trying to force my body into some weird downward doggie thing.  So I pass on the yoga class.

Heading upstairs I check out the TCX or something drop in  class.  They are sweating and working hard on what looks like a combo aerobic step and yoga mat while lying down and pumping their knees. Looks pretty hard core and already in progress so gonna pass on that.  Pilates Fit is on in Studio 2.  It is in progress as well, but I think I can slip in since someone just pushed past me to join.  I follow her and see there are mats provided.  Ok - I've done pilates at the Dorset Community Center drop in Wednesdays - ok maybe 3 times.  But I think I can at least follow along.  Surprisingly I do (or so I think) well and she comes over to adjust me only 1 time.  However, the plank move is definitely a lot harder than it looks and my left arm starts to ache so I chicken out of that and do the infant er child move?  You know where you curl into a ball and stretch your arms out like you are praying to the gym gods?  For the most part I manage to simulate pilates and it is a good stretch and workout.  My abs (or I think they are abs - do I still have abs?  did I ever have abs?  Do I want to have abs?) are aching alot and my left upper arm is sore.  It seems my left side is way weaker than my right.   Afterwards the instructor seems intent on trying to sign people up for individual sessions or workshops - not interested thank you I am just gonna do what I have already paid for.  Overall I give pilates a thumbs up.  I may just add that into my weekly schedule but I am still determined to try everything - alright maybe not that TCX or whatever it was class.  To me however, pilates doesn't seem a whole lot different from yoga.  They also have a pilates studio with machines that look similar to the rack but I may try that next week. May....

I am going to call it an early day at the gym and hit the shower, dress and blow dry but maybe I will check out the scale before I go.  Seems like I haven't changed anything since I met with Sara but I do feel different and that means things are or must be working.

Have you ever noticed people in the change room? I know it is impolite to stare but sometimes it's funny.  There is a large variety of ethnic backgrounds at this gym - which I think is awesome.  But in the change room we are all women. With breasts, and bums, and hair.  Some women are shy and change in the little corner change rooms they have.  Some are like ok I'm just like you and I am going to change right here as quickly as I can.  Others like to lean over the sink and stare at themselves in the mirror thisclose.  I do not want to use that sink that someone's boobs have been draped over.  I see some asian ladies that I never see actually doing anything but they are always in the change room chatting to each other and pushing by.  Then there are the sweet ones.  I find I like to try and say something nice to someone everyday.  Doesn't it make you feel good when someone says hey that is a pretty shirt?  So I pick somebody - anyone - and make a compliment.  Surprisingly that makes them very chatty and for a minute you've got a friend.  I've complimented on a cute bathing cap, a pretty bathing suit, the colour of someone's hair, the outfit they've put on to leave the gym.  I've helped someone with tying a scarf and an older lady with undoing her zipper.  I don't believe in pretending people are invisible.  I am not invisible.  I know people see me in all my 189 lb glory with my pink tinged hair and I see them in their beauty, their frailties and their strengths.  I may not be smiling on the inside but I like to see people smiling on the outside.  I see old people, young people, caucasian, asian, indian, spanish.  They are thin, fat, athletic, arthritic and they are all here doing the same thing I am.  Trying to beat the beast into submission.  It will be interesting to see how many familiar faces I will see in the coming weeks and months.

After I leave the gym I do a quick stop at Longo's to get some salad fixings and other things on my list of ok's to have at the shop.  I end up getting in around 11 and start my work day.  Somehow I thought this would make me energetic and eager but some days, like today, I have a harder time getting settled into a work routine.  Fortunately I am not that busy so it's not a big deal but I keep wondering when will that part kick in?

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have 9am Weight Loss Group and at 11 am meeting with Kris the trainer - wish me luck!  They both said arms.....


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