Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 12 - New Picture and a haha

Thursday AM and I am meeting with Sara.  I am on time for a change and she is running a little late.  As I am waiting at the fitness desk Keith comes over and asks how I feel after my accomplishment yesterday.  This is why I love this place, the people are so nice and caring. I laugh and say that I actually feel pretty good.  No real aches or pains.  He then looks at me and says - no lie - "so what are you going to do now that you are a runner?"  What??? I am NOT a runner, I jogged for a few minutes yesterday and that is my big surprise to myself.  He repeats "now that you are a RUNNER, what are you going to do now?"  I should make a goal.  I am stumped.  Could I be a runner?  or a jogger?  Do I want to be?  Is it a realistic goal for this over the hill, overweight grandmother?  He seems to thinks so.  And so I make a goal.  He promises that himself and Maria will help work with me to achieve that goal.  Oh god, what have I done?  I have made a promise to myself that if I voice something or write something that means I will do it no excuses.  Can anyone guess that goal?  I am afraid to voice it here as it may seem ludicrous or a bit over enthusiastic since I've only just learned that I can jog at 4.0 mph. Or is that really running?  Tell you what, if at the end of this month of May I am still able to jog/run and have managed to get some weight off then I will make an announcement regarding my goal.

Sara comes and saves me from running off (oh wait I made a pun) anymore at the mouth.  We chat for a few minutes and then we go over my food diary.  Amazingly she picks out that I am still carb loading at dinner time even though I thought I was making good choices.  So many sneaky carbs out there.  I figure she is weaning me off night time carbs.  I tell her the funny story about being a "runner" now and we share a few laughs.  I think I have a new line to start conversations with now - "Now that I am a runner"  oh geezus.  Sara gives me some breakfast ideas as the smoothies we are making are still too carby and not enough protein.  She emails me some recipes as we are sitting there.

Now comes the next moment of truth.  Me and my friend who like to hold hands.  I get on and hold the wands and wait.....
Well - I have now lost 6 lbs total (was 190 now 184)  And my body fat percentage has gone down again.  It was 47.8 when I started and now it is a bit over 40 %  Wow.  That is awesome progress. In just 12 days.  She hugs me, congratulates me and we arrange to meet to do some blood work (check my cholesterol etc.) and also our next nutritional meeting.  Life Time Athletics does this testing as a complimentary service and to point out where my body works best at losing weight.  I have to fast for 12 hours before.  Not an issue as I've had this kind of testing done at my doctor's office.  I hope the numbers allow them to help me.

I decide today will be a swimming day and hit the lap pool.  I do 14 laps today mixing it up.  Finish with the shower and head to the shop. Sara has said that the green machine smoothie may not be always the best thing for me so I skip that today and eat 1/2 banana on my way to work.

So here are the stats to date:
start 190 lbs     12 days 184
body fat percentage 47.8%     12 days just over 40%
waist 40.5"     12 days 39"
start not a runner     12 days a runner (pphhhtt)

I can feel the difference in my tummy area.  I forgot to measure the other stuff (ie boobs and bum) so I will do those now and head from here.

Tomorrow is Friday - Group meeting


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