Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 23 - Holiday Monday but not for Me

Maria has said that she will hold class for those who are interested even though it is Victoria Day here in Canada.  I think 5 people including myself said they would be there.  I head in and arrive 5 minutes early for a change.  There is nobody on the roads and the gym itself is the emptiest I have seen it.  Weather is better today but not sure the outdoor pool is open as yet.

Being a holiday means not much as we get down to business. There is pretty much a full class I think maybe 4 or 5 people didn't come in.  Maria decides to start us off on a hockey themed competition reflecting current teams in the Playoffs.  My side is New York Rangers  - the other Montreal Habs (booooo).  She outlines what we will be doing and we are paired up with the person directly across from us. Great I get the new guy.  Each exercise is done in 20's and we are encouraged to count out loud and the object is to see which team finishes first.  It is a fun way to motivate us and we are all "game".  We go through push ups, jumping jacks, ball throw downs, to name a few.  We are fairly evenly matched.  On the push up round the new guy is also counting out loud and skips 2 numbers to screw me up.  He easily beats me but I get him back on the jumping jack round and we end up finishing first.  Hurrah for New York!!

Maria makes a few comments that resonate with me.  She asks how many of us are stuck at a plateau (maybe I am??) and how much we move or are active after our workout.  Well, I am guilty of this for sure.  After I leave the gym I'm at the shop behind the sewing machine or the computer.  She says to get up and move around, go for a walk and even if we only get up to zone 1 in our heart rate then that is better than being sedentary and perhaps that is why we aren't losing more weight.  I thought that since I was working out for a solid hour or so every single day then something should be happening.  Now I know that I need to initiate more active time into my day.  OK, this I can and should do!!

Seems it is Maria's birthday today and at the end of the hour we sing Happy Birthday to her.  She is miffed (sorta) as she didn't want it to be common knowledge.  Oh well, sorry Maria :)

It is a warm sunny day so I am going to attack the front garden today.  That will surely make for a more activity filled day for me.  I spend 4 hours digging, trimming, clawing, mowing and raking and then I have my 2nd shower of the day so I can join my sister in law and brother in law at their house for dinner.  Should be a nice end to the day. And it is.  Dinner is wonderful, I am careful what I eat but I do indulge in a few glasses of white wine. Siobhan has made an effort to serve food that I can eat.  She is so supportive and that is very special to me.  Overall this holiday weekend has been pretty good with what I have eaten and my exercise level.  Hopefully I won't have any set back like I did last week.  Hopefully......

Tomorrow is Tuesday and I have my first Massage (ever) booked at the LifeSpa.


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