Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 18 - Health Assessment Day

Part of the benefits of being a member at Life Athletics is the complimentary Health Assessment.  Sara books it for me and sets it up so she will be the one actually doing the assessment.  This surprises me as she is a Registered Dietician and they have a Nurse Practitioner on staff but she informs me that in Canada as an RD she can do tests of this sort.  I need to fast for 12 hours prior to and no water 3 hours before.  Having had blood work done many times before I am not concerned about the fasting.

She greets me at the fitness desk and I follow her to the Life Lab area.  She has everything neatly set up.  The procedure involves a simple pinprick on one of my fingers.  She asks if I am squeamish or afraid of needles but I haven't had that fear for many years.  We chat a bit as she places the blood on a slide and places it into this very small electronic reader of some sort.  There is a small printer attached and it starts up.  We talk about genetics role in our health.  I have high cholesterol in my family as well as breast cancer and heart attack.  She has high cholesterol as well and diabetes.  She is already having testing done to make sure that she keeps on track.  She is very young and quite tiny but we both know that genetics is not something you can control.

She checks my blood pressure and it is fine - thats the first good news.  Sara says lets go over and do the weigh in.  I'm a tad apprehensive of this as I had gone up a few pounds on Monday when I did it myself.

I look at my friend - are you going to be my friend today or my frienemy... its good and bad news - again.  I have gone down to 181.9 lbs!!  That is awesome progress.  Of course I am fasting but its definitely a positive sign.  But it appears my body fat percentage went back up to 41%.  I question this and Sara explains I also need to look at the water number as it is some complex relationship between water and fat in your body that gives you the percentage number.  My water number is down (fasting no water) and that makes the percentage go up.  Ok...  so overall its great news I have lost weight!!  Today the lady with the wands is my friend :)

Back in the lab office the printout is done and we pour over the numbers.  Given the fact that I am so far overweight, family history etc.  the numbers are really really good.  I am so relieved I let out a big breath that I hadn't realized I was holding.  All my numbers (LDL,HDL, triglycerides, blood sugar level) are all in the low risk.  One number is borderline but she says we will work on getting that down.  It is LOW borderline.  The only risk factor I have is my body fat percentage.  That I can fix and I am already almost 1/4 of the way to my goal.

I have Weight Loss group after this meeting with Sara so we go to the Cafe and I order a veggie omelet which is made fresh and comes with a small bit of greek yogurt with a bit of granola.  Very yummy indeed.

Sara and I talk some more and after I finish eating we go back to her office and she teaches me some more about label reading and making right choices.  I have learned quite a bit from her already and I hope that I have also given her some things to think about.  She gives me homework and we book an appointment in 2 weeks.  Overall I am so happy with this turn of events.  I have good numbers, my weight is coming off and I feel stronger and healthier already.  And this is only day 18!

Now on to the treadmill and Maria's drilling.  She is a tough cookie.  She never lets up and I note that there are 2 ladies not here today, Lee and Lynn.  A few of the exercises I find I just can't do since I am still sore from Kris's weight regimen and tap class.  I push as hard as I can and I feel like I let myself down but Kris said if it hurts listen to your body.  Tomorrow is another day and I have a never give up attitude.  I think tomorrow will be a lap swim day.  Give my legs and back a rest for a day.

Lunch today is the tuna salad with celery on a slice of whole grain.  Very filling and satisfying.  Dinner I have planned stirfry with steak, red pepper, mushrooms and quinoa.

Tomorrow - Swim day and perhaps stat update.


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