Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 2 - Assessment Day (oh oh)

Upon signing up for this new journey into fitness, the facility set me up with a complimentary training and assessment appointment and a dietician consultation.  The young gentleman trainer I have been assigned is Kris.  He is a wrestler and wrestling promoter and a new dad.  Fitness is his life.  So after a brief meeting he booked me for Monday, April 28 at 10 am.  And that will be my official first day of my journey.

So I show up all keen, new gear on (old shoes), water bottle in hand. Roaring to go.  First oh oh, he's been double booked.  Oh well, I'm a patient person (yes I am) so we rebooked for 11 am and he suggested I hit the treadmill for cardio.  Second oh oh, I have never been on a treadmill.  Well not legitimately in a gym that is.  So I asked a nice young woman personal trainer if she would be kind enough to show me the ropes er treads.  Her name is Karen and is originally from England.  Lovely young woman and she took me through the treadmill and showed me about having a towel and cleaning the machine.  She suggested a start speed of 3 mph.  Well that's pretty fast... so I pulled it back to 2.5 and began.

I walked that thing the first time for 45 mins.  I got up to 3 mph and figured wow - that's awesome and how fast was I going....hahah.  After 45 mins. I got off.  Well hooahh, no one told me that the floor continues to move after you get off that thing.  I can't believe I didn't fall over.  I sure felt like I was going to but I kept my dignity intact (no youtube video of this idjit).  I managed to walk over somehow to the Fitness desk to keep my appointment with Kris.

So Kris is nice...I thought lol.  My thoughts on assessment?  Show me the machines, see what I can or can't do, weigh in etc.  No. Not the way this went down.  We started off with squats.  I do not do squats properly.  Nor have I ever done 100 of them - til today - ouch.  Then he said ok let's do a lunge. HAH - third oh oh... not happening with the lunges.  I may fall down and never get back up again.  So we left that and went over to a leg lift machine.  Did a few sets of those - lost count after 3 at 20 lbs. And then we went over to the fancy shmancy scale.  This baby is something else.  You stand on it and hold two wands in your hand. It sends a current through your body (didnt feel it) and it measures everything!!  Weight, body fat percentage etc. etc.  Thats when I saw that number and I felt like crying. 190.  Shit.   But I joked it off and then the rest of it.  47.8% body fat.  That's almost half my weight. Shit.  That's a lot. The rest of the stuff told him where I was holding most of my weight (hello have you seen my belly and my chest - I know where it is) and he said ok - we can do this.  We set up our first training session to be that Wednesday at 11 am.  With signing up I was presented with 200.00 in LFT bucks to be used for whatever I liked so I applied some of it towards 2 training sessions with Kris.

I do not know how I got down the stairs but I did.  Barely.  My legs were jelly and aching.  I paid for this?  I know no pain no gain.  But I was thinking really did I have to do 100 squats?  Does he not know I'm 56????  Is he trying to kill me, discourage me what???  No this girl is not going to be discouraged by that young whippersnapper.  Have a hot tub, hit the shower and get on with my day.

Tomorrow I meet with the dietician Sara for the first time.

I'll leave you with this picture of me sitting with my granddaughter.  This is an honest journey after all.


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