Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 6 - A short Post

Friday's here and I can't believe I'm still doing it.  Getting up and hitting the gym.  No more excuses.  No more saying oh, I'll go tomorrow...nope tomorrow is not on the horizon we are doing it today.

Now I'm thinking I should try another machine - mix it up a little.  I've been told to try the elliptical.  That thing looks very daunting.  So I asked another trainer that just happened to be at the desk to kindly show me how to use that thing.  Keith went over to one he thought I could start with (cause of course there are different types) and started me off.  Well I am either a) not co-ordinated enough to do that or b) not strong enough to use that.  One second I'm doing ok the next I'm going backwards.  So after 10 mins of me fighting the machine and obviously not "getting" it I decide lets stick with what I know at least for this week and back to the treadmill.  This time Keith suggests changing the incline.  I pick a program and start off.  Not bad 3.5 mph but all of a sudden the incline changes and I feel the difference.  I played around with the program and did another 45 minutes.  I felt challenged by the slope after feeling a tad discouraged by the elliptical.  Better to leave on an up for sure.

On my way by the fitness desk I stop to peruse the bulletin board. Hmmm, they have Weight Loss Groups.  They meet various times through the day and 3 x a week.  I ask Keith for more information and he tells me that its a great motivational and learning group activity.  I said Ok, I will give it a try and told him I'd be there at 9am on Monday.  Normally that time period is Maria who leads it but as she is away Keith will be taking her group.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting some direction.  And motivation.  And meeting some people.

I spend a few minutes in the hot tub/spa today and then shower and off to work.  I am feeling pretty good by the way, my legs don't seem to hurt at all.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I am meeting with the Dietician.


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