Tuesday, July 29, 2014

90 Days - Its Here Folks...Picture Update etc.

Well technically this is 90 days since I joined the club.  And technically I started this journey that following Monday so 90 days is a few days away.  However, I do count that day I walked into LifeTime as the beginning of my journey.  April 29, 2014.

This past weekend my sister and her beau came for a visit.  I knew it was going to be a challenge cause my sister and I like to imbibe in a little white wine.  Ok A LOT of white wine.  And also there was a celebration of a niece's university graduation and subsequent acquisition of her RN that also involved a bit of wine. And food.  Sigh... But I did well.  Oh, I also forgot a visit to a friend's with my sis that also involved some wine and nibbles and red velvet cupcakes to celebrate my birthday (which was the previous weekend). There was a lot of wine and food this weekend.  So the fact that I managed to keep my weight stable was a good thing.  

Sis arrived on Thursday and I made a completely carb free dinner with teriyaki pork BBQ shish-kebabs on top of cauliflower "rice".  Friday was the open face burgers with balsamic caramelized onions and mushrooms. I still went to TEAM weight loss on Friday and sis came along to see what all the fuss was about.  She participated in the class and Maria put us through our paces on the eliptical.  We did full body with free weights and challenges to get our pace up to a certain level for a minute at a time.  We also worked on our gluts and our arms.  At the end of class we did a mini circuit with total body gym, ball sit-ups, rope work and pull-ups.  It was a good workout to start the weekend with.  I introduced her to Sara and Tyler the GM.  They were both very gracious and that helped confirm what I had told Sis about how lovely the people are at LTF.  Afterwards we hit the pool deck and caught a few rays, swam around a bit and then relaxed in the hot tub.  It was awesome.

Lunch time we headed over to my son's so Sis could meet the new addition to our family. Grand-daughter Elle is almost 7 months and so beautiful.  It was lovely for Sis to spend some time with her and Tess made us a perfect lunch.  Grilled marinated shrimp over arugula salad.  Delish.

Back at home we sat in the backyard with her beau and chatted with some wine (of course) and I set out some cheese and crackers as he hadn't had lunch.  Later that evening I made the burgers.  I was paid a nice compliment.  It was suggested maybe I should put together a HEALTHY food recipe book for the family.  I just may do that.  Even though these are not MY recipes, they have been tested and proven in my home.  If you would be interested in me sharing these recipes with you put a comment below.

Saturday Sis and Beau got up bright and early and headed into Toronto to do the Edgewalk around the CN tower.  CRAZINESS.  She is fearless and has things on her bucket list that I don't even have nightmares about - if that makes any sense to you.  They both did it and I have to say power to them but you could not pay me enough money to do that.

Nope - no way.

Monday am - I was back at the gym for TEAM weight loss workout.  Maria was not there and we were down considerably in our number. 5 of us.  That's it.  We still did a good 40 minutes and then I went upstairs to the Nutrition part of monday's class.  Sara showed me 2 trailers for food movies.  One was "Fed Up with Sugar" and the other was "Food Inc"  both just highlighted that the way Sara has us eating is on the right track.  Look them up on Youtube - you will be educated.  I spent the remainder of the day running errands and finishing up chores at home.  Drew and I shared some leftovers of the Thurs and Friday dinners and he went to jiujitsu.  Afterwards he went for a 2K run and I watched the Batchlorette Finale.  Sad but true....

So - here is it Tuesday, July 29, 90 days, and here are the numbers you are waiting for:

Start           Day 19   Day 26   Day 34     Day 41   Day 48   July 3    July 8  Jul 15    Jul 29
Wht - 190   181.9       179       179         177        173         167        167     165         162
BF% - 47.8  41                         39          40           37.9         37           36      34.6       33.4
W - 40.5"     38"           36"        35.5       35           34           33.5        33      33           32
B - 44"         42.5"        42"        41.5       41           41           40.5        40       40          39
H - 46"         44"           43"        42.5       42            41            41           40.5    39        39
Arm - 15"     12.5"       12"         12         12            12           12           11.5    11          11
C - 18"         16.5"       15.5"      15.5      15,5         15.5        15.5        15.5    15.5       15.5
Th - 26"        23.5"       22.5"       22        22             22''         21.5       20.75  20.75     20.75

So proud how far I have come in 90 days.  Its not just about the numbers but also:
  1. I learned how to run and can now run/walk up to 5K
  2. I can do weight lifting/barbell strength class and I am not the one who gives up early
  3. I can swim laps for 1+ mile 
  4. I went from a tight size 18/ Xlg to a size 10 (and 8 in some things)
  5. I lost almost 30 lbs
  6. I've lost 29.25 inches overall
  7. I've lost 14.4% body fat
  8. I no longer have double/triple chins and an leg sized arm
  9. I feel healthier, stronger and definitely more fit
  10. I have more energy (during the day)
  11. I sleep like a log and can't stay awake past 11 - ideally 10
  12. I no longer snore - as a matter of fact I don't even move over 90% of the night
  13. I can touch my toes!!!
  14. I like the way I am looking
  15. I stand taller
  16. I AM HAPPY
I'll post a picture here but seeing as how I am at work the lighting isn't the best and I am wearing size 12 jeans that are pretty baggy on me but I still love them.  I only just purchased them the beginning of July at LOFT so I am not ready to put those on the give away pile.

Next Time - the final number before my August vacation


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Day 80 - Update, Pictures

Everyday is a new day, right?  No matter what I may do say on a weekend, I make sure that first thing Monday I am back in the saddle and working out.  TEAM waits for no-one.  Maria never quits, she is a dynamo and is very inspiring.  Currently we still have 6 of us on a regular basis and a couple others that come maybe once a week now. Also we have a changing cast of new characters.  Anywhere from 2 to 4.  Summer looks like it is going to be difficult for some to continue their commitment.  I for one will not be there for the month of August as that is my time for the cottage. However, along with my good friend Brenda, we have promised that we are going to keep working out.  We have a good 5k trek that we do up and down 3 major hills and back. We powerwalk up the hills and run down.  As well at the 1/2 way point is a set of stairs (from hell) up and down another friends property.  There are 175 stairs.  I have an aversion - ok - a fear of heights but I have ventured to doing the first set of 36 stairs.  Also we are going to intersperse the 5k with biking and don't forget swimming.  I fully intend to keep our eating habits as they are although I will not deprive myself of all goodies on offer.  I will just be much wiser - and then work harder.  In our local town (Dorset) there is yoga at the library/community centre and we will be attending those.  Hopefully that will offset the wine ingestion ( ;p).  At the end of August I am hopeful that I will still be on the downward track and not have slipped up a few pounds.  I was hoping to be closer to my goal by August 1, and I am closer but not as close as I was hoping to be.  There are still 2 weeks to go I don't know if I will get down another 5 lbs.

Last week I played baseball again.  And again I strained my quad muscle in my left leg.  This is not good.  If I do worse damage than that it will set me back as I won't be able to get to the gym.  So after the first up at bat and subsequent dash for first base, I let a pinch runner take over for my subsequent at bat.  That worked out much better.  We play again tomorrow night and I do believe I will keep the pinch hitter thing going.  This ol girl can't seem to do sudden explosions off the plate.  Maybe next year - who knows.  At least I am enjoying myself and getting out there.

It's been amusing seeing the way people react to the way I look.  So far it has all been positive and with only one exception  has anyone been negative or non-supportive.  And I take that from where it comes....

Size wise I am still losing inches and that is encouraging.

Here are the updates as of today - which isn't a Friday but I will be upnorth and not able to blog.

Start                      Day 19   Day 26      Day 34     Day 41   Day 48   July 3    July 8  Jul 15
Weight - 190         181.9       179             179         177        173         167        167     165
BF% - 47.8           41                               39          40           37.9         37           36      34.6
Waist - 40.5"         38"           36"              35.5       35           34           33.5        33      33 (crap)
Bust - 44"              42.5"        42"              41.5       41           41           40.5        40       40
Hip - 46"                44"           43"             42.5       42            41            41           40.5    39
Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"       12"               12         12            12           12           11.5    11
Calf - 18"                 16.5"       15.5"           15.5      15,5         15.5        15.5        15.5    15.5
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"       22.5"            22        22             22''         21.5       20.75  20.75

Do not know what I can do to get that waist down.  Still have a bit of the smile thing going on (I HATE THAT the most).  Only lost 1/2 inch since July 3.  But down a bit more in the hip and arms.  That flaggy thing is going....

But it is still there. But my arm is down 4 " in diameter.  Holy smokes thats a big difference.

Here's the update picture.

Isn't that skirt cute?  Got 2 of them from Costco for 9.99 each.  (Size M).  And it's stretchy and has shorts attached.  The top I picked up at Garage.  Haven't been inside one of those in awhile.  I was looking for inexpensive white t's and tanks. Had 3 hours to kill in Milton yesterday so that's what I did.  Tshirt shopping.  Size Large cause their sizes are junior.  16.00.  Not bad for a summer outfit - 26.00.

Got a few other goodies last week.  Lots and Lots of excellent summer sales on right now.  50 - 70% off most places.  Picked up a pair of size 10 boyfriend jeans from Gap - 19.99 (woohoo), a Bench lightweight sweater marked down and then 50% off - 30.00 - a pair of off white lace shorts from Loft size 10.  I also tried on a pair of their boyfriend jeans size 10 and they were too big on me and they didnt have an 8 so good thing as the Gap pair were a much better deal.

Just picking up a few things here and there when I see a good sale.  Don't want to spend alot of money but damn it if I'm going to put anything on thats falling off me now.

Next time, not sure but I am sure I will come up with something.


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 49 to ... what day is it? I've lost track somewhere. Oh yes Day 72

Trying to blog this daily has become a chore to try and find new ways to say - today is TEAM day or today I did Yoga. Or weights.  Or swimming laps.  Most of the time it is really just the exact same routine day in day out.  I still go to the gym almost every day.  Sometimes other things happen and I may not get there in the morning so I have gone a few times in the evenings.  Quite a bit of difference in atmosphere between AM and PM.  Rather than try to go back over these past few weeks I will highlight some of the things that happened, give a couple updates and try to keep up on a weekly basis.  I also had my laptop crap out on me and my inhouse computer techies are supposed to be fixing it for me. (Drew/Nick).

Highlights over the past few weeks - in no particular order.

  1. Learned a few new machines at the gym.  One is really tricky and one is a "treatment" machine.  The tricky one we all tried in the group during a class session.  Basically it is like surfing.  You stand sideways on the machine and it goes up and down while going around in a circle.  BUT the trick is that you can't or shouldn't move your upper body.  Ok sounds simple?  NOPE.  Very difficult actually and a real workout in your buttocks and legs.  Did I like it?  Not especially but I will try it again.  The other machine is basically a vibrating plate that you put your say leg or foot on and it vibrates at a very high speed.  This sounds not so thrilling perhaps but the benefits are huge.  This machine (which is a very expensive and closely monitored machine) has been used by NASA to help returning astronauts to combat and reverse bone density loss.  That is one benefit (and a very important one).  The other is that it helps to break down scar tissue on injuries.  Or if you have very tight muscles or sore knees from muscles pulling this machine aids that.  Not sure how it works in that respect but it does.
  2. Set a new swimming laps record.  Finally I hit the 1 mile mark - I did 37 laps in a freestyle way in under 40 mins.  What a feeling that was.  I have tried to use the outdoor lap pool but have gone at odd hours (for me) so have had to actually use the indoor one as I do not like to share a lane with 2 or 3 other swimmers.  In fact the last time I did laps I quit after 25 as a group of unruly under 15 yr old decided to horseplay and throw each other into the lap pool and mainly just frig around and mess it up.  Also unfortunately the lifeguard on duty was ineffectual in telling them to stop or move on and gave up and walked away.  Definitely a downside.
  3. Funny thing - went to the pub and people who I've seen every week for years said to me (and this was more than one) Did you do something new to your hair???  I know the pink is new but that's been there for a little while now. And...there is something different about you.  LOL.  So I played along, asked them well what do you think it is?  One waitress looked and said well I HOPE you didn't get a boob job.  ROFL.  I'm like NO but look at this picture from April 29 and tell me what you think is different?  Then they got it and that was so funny to me.  A boob job.  Really?  Guess my thinner tummy makes my boobies look bigger - even though they are smaller too.
  4. Tried some excellent new recipes found through Google.  Amazing that you can just type in say Shrimp and Bok Choy and presto a variety of things pop up and by carefully perusing the ingredients you can find the perfect healthy dinner choice. (Still no carbs for dinner).
  5. Had my lovely sister-in-law and brother-in-law over for Sunday dinner and made them the grilled steak and spinach salad with blueberry/roasted walnut dressing and feta.  For dessert I made gin,mint, lime and cucumber sorbet.  Delish!  Just 1/2 ounce of gin/person but so cool and refreshing. It was a hit and we still ate properly (ok maybe the gin counts as a carb).
  6. Also had our friend GG over for BBQ open face burgers with caramelized balsamic onions and mushrooms.  Very Yummy!
  7. Said goodbye to some of our TEAM group as they finished their 90 days.  In celebration and to send April off to her new home in Georgia we had a little party after class. We were all challenged to bring a treat.  Maria (Team leader) made black bean brownies.  I googled and found a simple gluten free/grain free low cal Blondie recipe.  It was awesome. I even printed out recipe cards for anyone who was interested.  There was fruit salad, a light tasting lemon mousse and a tsatziki chicken salad on lettuce with gluten free crackers.  We all received a certificate of achievement stating our weight loss and body fat loss to that point.  There were some 50 lb losers in the group.  How amazing for them.  It was longer than 90 days (a year) but that is still an accomplishment indeed.  My loss to that point was 23 lbs and 11% BF.  I love my certificate!
  8. Long weekend at the cottage - where do I start.  Father In Law's wife said she was glad for me and that to reward me she was going to give me 2.00/lb lost since someone had told her I was down 20 lbs.  I said actually it is 23! (certificate in hand) and she said "oh, I don't think I have 46.00". I said um ok no worries really...you don't have to do that. (she didn't :p )
  9. Boat ride over to neighbours dock to drop daughter off and I hear " Hey Drew - where's the rest of Deb?"  BEST COMMENT EVER!!  Thank you Rick - made my DAY!  Love my friends.
  10. Sitting on another neighbour's dock next day and she sent a picture of all of us to friends in the US who couldn't make it up that weekend.  He noticed the difference and made a comment right back. :)
  11. Did a big thing - ok a couple of big things.  On my own (but with my GearFit as witness) I walked and ran 5K! Yes I did!  I couldn't believe that I did it.  When I reached the halfway point  (up and down 3 major hills mid day @ 33 degrees C) I was like YES  I DID IT!  OMG I DID IT!  After catching my breath I turned around and ran/walked back.  Total time was 41 minutes but that included 2 minutes at least talking to Sharon as she sat on the side of the road waiting for James and I couldn't just run by without saying hello.  So realistically @ 39 minutes.  And then 2 days later I did it again.  This time earlier in the day and not stopping for chitchat.  I was joined by my frienda Brenda on the way back and she talked me into going a bit further.  I did it.  Amazing for me.  Honestly the difference from last year is lightyears away.  Saying all this I am in no means ready to run/walk a 5K race but I am going to work up to it.
  12. Swam back and forth 6x from swim raft to dock and then right across the bay and back again.  I felt strong and not tired at all.  No idea how far that actually is but we will figure it out.  Hardest part was avoiding the damn weeds.  Ew.
  13. Went to see a friend perform at a local bar.  For a lark I pulled out a pair of my fave jeans from a few years back to see if I could get them on.  I did.  I zipped them up.  I wore them out that night.  I could breathe in them.  They are a size 10!  Remember those size 14 shorts I got at Joe Fresh?  They are baggy on me now. Still wearing them cause I love em but I need to take them in and wear a belt!
  14. Played my first baseball game in 28 years.  Yes - 28 years.  I hit the ball.  I caught the ball.  I ran to first base.  That's it.  I'm happy with that.  Gonna play again next week.
That's alot of highlights.  I am pretty sure I didn't miss anything.  At least those are all the moments that stand out in the past few weeks.

Here's the updates.
Start                      Day 19          Day 26      Day 34     Day 41   Day 48   July 3    July 8
Weight - 190         181.9             179             179         177        173         167        167
BF% - 47.8           41                                     39          40           37.9         37           36
Waist - 40.5"         38"                 36"              35.5       35           34           33.5        33
Bust - 44"              42.5"              42"              41.5       41           41           40.5        40
Hip - 46"                44"                 43"             42.5       42            41            41           40.5
Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"             12"               12         12            12           12           11.5
Calf - 18"                 16.5"             15.5"           15.5      15,5         15.5        15.5        15.5
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"             22.5"            22        22             22''         21.5       20.75

So let's look at the numbers:
190 - 167    23lbs
47.8 - 36     11.8%
W - 40.5 - 33 - 7.5 inches
B - 44 - 40 - 4 inches
H - 46 - 40.5 - 5.5 inches
A - 15 - 11.5 - 3.5 inches
C  - 18 - 15.5 - 2.5 inches
Th - 25 - 20.75 - 4.25 inches

That's a mind blowing 27.25 INCHES total off my body.  Am I happy YES.  Am I slowing down?  NOT on your life.  Also 11.8% body fat loss.  I am building muscle and we all know that weighs more than fat and that shows on my little friend who shows I am more evenly distributed.  Instead of being more on the fat side each measurement is now starting to lean towards more on the lean/muscle side.

Thank you LIFE TIME.  Thank you.  I heart you.

Next time - more news.  And a picture.