Friday, May 9, 2014

Day 4 - A Hair Raising Day

In keeping with my new me, I met with my youngest daughter Hayley for a day downtown at my hairdresser's salon, Haartek Salon.

We got the full treatment.  Hair cut, colour, blow out and in my case a little extra.


Yes I did a little pink ombre thingie in my hair.
Yes I like it - a lot.
Yes I got a lot of comments - all positive.
Yes even my husband likes it - so all good.

Why did I do it?  Certainly not to seem younger than my 56 years, and I know it draws attention but mostly for fun.  Just plain ol' fun.  Spring has been a loooonnnngggg time coming this year and I just felt like saying goodbye winter and welcome some pink into my life.

Of course now that I am at the gym more or less everyday it is getting a lot of washing and the swimming also is diminishing its brightness but it is still there and I still like it :)

We finished our day with a light dinner, some shopping in the underground malls til the traffic calmed down and then headed over to my son's house to visit with the baby.

Isn't she a little doll?  I am doing this for her and the 2 in Ottawa - and myself of course.

Tomorrow - On my own at the gym


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