Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 3 - Dietican Meet and Greet

I show up bright and early - ok a small lie, I squeal into the parking lot 15 mins late for my first meeting with Sara.  Good first impression!!  Everything was working against me INCLUDING my husband.  I stayed up a bit late the night before.  I prepped dinner to be cooked in the crockpot, I made lunch for myself and packed my gym bag for the next day. I was going to leave early.  Out the door by 8:30.  Right....

First I get all ready and start putting the crockpot dinner together.  Just ribs with maple syrup and some brown sugar - trying to be low cal I thought.  Drew thinks he should get right into my space to make his breakfast.  I'm like OK I'm trying to do this here doyamind???  He grumbled and moved.  Then I downed my coffee and a poached egg and toast.  Told Drew ok I gotta go now - like now now.  And he says what?  is this the way its going to be?  We have a nice little routine in the morning.  I must admit I exploded.  WTF.  Im trying to do this thing you said you'd be supportive and here it is the first morning and you are in my way and I made dinner for you and now you're complaining that I'm leaving and if you aren't going to support me then you can just go to H E double toothpick and I slammed out the door.  He moved his truck and I headed to the gym.  So of course the traffic gods were not with me either and I end up stuck in a long line exiting the highway.  I emailed Sara that I was stuck in traffic on the ramp be there soon.  15 mins late.  Thanks alot.

So now I am anxious but Sara is such a sweetheart and she just smiles and says ok lets talk.  So we went over what I eat - or what WE eat - and what my goal was and if I took vitamins etc.  Then she took me back over to that fancy shmancy machine and hooked me up again.  I'm like Ok....  well, what do you know. My results have changed!  I had lost .5lb already but the biggest change was that my body fat percentage went from 47.8% to 43%.  What???  In just a couple days?  That's awesome! Well for me it is and she seemed to think so too.  So even though I still struggle with walking down the stairs due to the squats I walk a little taller. (and a very tad thinner).

Meet my new friend....we hold hands and don't keep secrets from each other.

Sara and I set up a full appointment and I am going to see her 4x over the next month.  She will start me off with some menu changes etc.  I'm definitely pumped.

So after our meeting I went back over to the treadmills and did 40 mins at 3.2 mph.  Hit the shower and off to work.

Tomorrow I'm on my own...


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