Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 46 - Alpha Dog - er Showdown Begins

Ok let me get this straight.  In this Alpha Showdown we are doing you vs you.  So not a competition against anyone but yourself.  Saying that we seem to have a little bit of a rivalry going on.  We have 5 rowing machines set up in our TEAM row of treadmills.  We are going to take turns doing 3000 meters.  There is no time limit it is just how long it takes to do the 3000 and at the 5th level of resistance.  The first five start out and the rest of us are on the treadmill doing sprints and pushups etc.  Every now and then Maria gives us an update on the ladies rowing and we cheer them on.  One lady finishes in just over 14 minutes.  You could guess which one.  The average is actually between 15 and 20 minutes.  Leigh finishes at just under 15 minutes so in my mind she is the leader.  When Lynn sits down at the just over 14 minute machine she finds it a tad easy to row, gets up to check and it is actually set at 2.  Maria had set them at 5....hmmm.

Anyways, we all get a go and when it is my turn I think I will just keep a constant pace and not burn myself out in the first 1000 m.  As my time approaches the 14 minute mark I find I am pushing a bit harder to see if I can at least match Leigh.  But no - it takes me almost 16 minutes.  I am winded when done.  I even tried imagining gliding down the bay on the scull saying hey to the neighbours but it was still a hard challenge.

Maria outlines what we will be doing on Friday for the 2nd part.  Burpees, pull ups, kettle ball and broad jump. I haven't done a broad jump since high school....lord help me.  We spend some time stretching out today and cooling down.

The weather today is not so good.  Heavy rain and thunderstorms.  Good thing I got the lawn done yesterday.  However, I was pretty stiff today and was worried about the rowing but once I got going I loosened up.   I may try it on one of my off days since it didn't bother my knee either.  After group Maria and I discuss my upcoming Metabolic testing and set the date for next Thursday.  I will have to fast for 12 hours and no working out or alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours before.  I remind her that the day before is TEAM day and she says that I can still do that but that is it.

Lunch today is 1/2 cup cooked pasta with cooked vegies and a bit of pesto.
For dinner Drew and I have open face burgers at the pub with salad.

Tomorrow being Thursday I am going to try the 90 minute yoga class.  I am hoping the weather will improve as well.


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