Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 44 - Catching Up is Hard to do

I honestly have the best intentions.  I want to blog everyday, I think about blogging everyday but then I do something else and that leads to another thing and next thing you know it's a whole week later.

Monday Day 44 is TEAM Day.  It is also a beautiful sunny summery day.  Regardless (yes not irregardless Drew), I have committed to this journey and I will not miss a day.  Monday's are also Nutrition consult day and Maria squeezes as much as she can in the 30 or 35 or if she really pushes 40 minutes of cardio to get our week started.  It seems that our group is up and down with attendance and I am sure with the better weather that will be a constant change.

Today the challenge is to increase both our speed and our incline by 2 points every 30 seconds til we reach a max of 15% incline and whatever speed that takes us to.  I end up at 5.4 and even though it is only 30 seconds, running that speed at that incline is taxing.  Then she challenges us to run at the max we hit for a minimum of 5 minutes.  I do 7!  That is the longest I have run at any one time and at 5.4?  Nuts.  But somehow I get into some zone running thing and find it is not as hard as I thought.  Only thing holding me back from trying to push that envelope more is this nagging uncomfortableness in my right knee.  It's not a "hurt" or sharp pain, just a complaint more or less from joints and tendons and muscles that have never done this before.  Afterall, it still is only 44 days since I started all this.

Maria informs us that we are going to participate in the Alpha Showdown being held in the month of June at the gym.  What?  I know it is you vs you but the challenges sound intimidating. She thinks as a team we will rock it and we can cheer each other on.  She has us fill out and sign a waver though.  First thing will be Wednesday, rowing 3000 m at 5 on the resistance and weight work.  oh boy.  I don't think I've done 5 on the rowing machine nor have I done more than 200 m as it is part of our circuits we do Fridays.  Well, should be challenging that's for sure!  I note on the form a tshirt offered.  I check off Medium ;).

After 35 minutes we head upstairs to join Sara in the education room.  I always find her talks interesting and informative.  She talks about adding more vegies into our everyday meals and which ones are better than others and how the colours tell us what the vegetable offers us.  Interesting.  I mean we all know vegetables and fruit are good for us but which ones are better, which ones you should limit, which ones do what for you is something we should all know more about rather than I just like to eat asparagus for instance.

After nutrition we all head downstairs and part of me thinks maybe I should do something else since 35 minutes doesn't seem like enough but the other part of me is more practical and says you have already cooled down and the garden awaits!

Breakfast today was 1 cup granola with almond milk and 1/4 cup fruit
Lunch tuna salad with avocado and greens
Dinner grilled steak with spinach salad, homemade blueberry dressing, sprinkling of feta cheese & blueberries

Tomorrow - Tuesday Swim Day

I'll leave you with a smile )

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