Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 38 - Tuesday Yoga & Tap

Yoga is at 9:30 am (Yin Restorative) and I am on time.  This time I am more prepared and I grab a blanket and 2 blocks in the studio.  There is a sub teacher (Kim) and she explains what we are going to be concentrating on.  The lower body and our feet.  Good stuff - that is where I am having a lot of pain and discomfort not to mention stiffness.  She begins with our getting our feet awake through some acupressure massage and then we go through a good hour of poses.  She is pleasant and interactive and I do enjoy her class.  She is normally the thursday am teacher so I think next week I will switch it up and do yoga on thursday to check out her class.  It is a 90 minute class however.  So who cares, I am done with all my costumes etc. for the year so if I don't get to the shop til 12 it only matters to me.

I find yoga challenging but not impossible to do - ok maybe a couple poses I have difficulty with strictly due to my inflexibility - but I try and push as far as I can.  Kim is hands on and corrects a couple things I am doing as well as trying to stretch one of my legs as straight as possible. Ouch.

After class I have to admit I feel pretty good.  Even my feet.  I don't bother to shower as I have tap class tonight and I don't want to change and shower again later.

Lunch today is salad I made this morning.  I have greens, sunflower seeds, tomatoes and grilled chicken.  At work there is a few avocados so I will add 1/2 of one to the salad.  I had to go to Longo's to get some of the Lactancia No fat creamer (try it it is excellent) which I can only find there, and something for dinner that will be quick since I have tap class at 7:30.  After a thorough search.  Not so easy to do this as I have to read every label and find something that is nourishing and low or no carbs.  I find some salmon pinwheels with lobster stuffing that fits the criteria (9.99 for 2) and that will be dinner along with a salad and some steamed brocolli.

Drew surprises me by calling when he gets home before me to see if he can start preparing dinner.  Sure!  I send him a link for a Mediterranean salad and to cut up some broccoli to steam.  As soon as I get home I through the salmon on the grill.  and wait.   and wait.  The grill is not working!  Drew relights it and we try again.  Nope not going to work so I throw it into the oven.  So much for being prepared!  It is 7:20 by the time I head out for my 7:30 class - looks like I am going to be late again.  I Hate being late.  Oh and the salmon was very tasty.

Tap class ends up being the last one of our 10 week session.  Andrew concentrates on choreography and I work up a good sweat.  I want to see if my new gizmo will tell me what my heart rate is and it keeps telling me to stand still!!  That is NOT the purpose of this.  LOL.  At the end of our hour we say our goodbyes.  I think I will be back in the fall but I do not want to commit to a summer schedule as it is cottage season.

Tomorrow - Wednesday TEAM day


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