Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 32 - I Betya I am 102

I get to the gym on time and start warming up.  Wednesday is usually endurance day and I may have hoped that since we worked yesterday that maybe we'd have a bit of a lighter workout but nope, business as usual.  We joke a bit about what our results are going to be and after the class we head over to the desk for our results.

April is first and she is told she is 10 years older metabolically than she is.  And she did well on the test. However, her flexibility number looks odd she thinks it was entered incorrectly.  Each part of the test gets an individual result and then the average is your total metabolic age.  Pat goes next and she gets 52.  She is actually 61.  That makes her happy and her flexibility number says 18.  But that also doesnt seem right.  I go next while Pat and April are trying to figure out where the issue is with the flex number.  Ohoh - well good news is I am not 102, however I am 52.  So that is good right?? No, because of the screw up with the flexibility number in how Maria.  We figure out what she did and she reinputs the correct number and it recalculates.  Dam it - now it says 67.  I am metabolically 67.  Ok - so now we have to get that down and I can already tell it is going to be difficult.

Two difficult days, yesterday no change in my weight or body fat percentage and today I find out that I am like a 67 year old.  Not good, not good at all.  BUT I am determined and will keep going.

Tomorrow is Thursday, my last appointment with Sara.


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