Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 45 - Just Keep Swimming

Tuesday is another beautiful day, a little cooler in the morning but clear sky and promises of a warmer afternoon.  I want to do my laps today - goal is to increase the amount - and then get back to finish off the backyard planting and lawn reseeding as tomorrow it is supposed to rain.

For some reason, once again, I am the only person in the outside lap pool.  This is good of course and I have my personal lifeguard watching me....  I do my routine, 2 laps of breaststroke to warm up (the pool is lovely though - I would guess 80?) and then start my version of freestyle. Breaststroke, back stroke and front crawl.  I do 30 laps and in pretty good time.  I am winded so I know my cardio is up to at least zone 3.  I pull myself out of the pool and head inside.  I hit the hottub for a few minutes just to run some jets over my knee.  That feels really good and I am looking forward to using our very own hottub up at the cottage. (thanks Brenda and Claude for that awesome hand me over - you guys rock).

After a quick shower and dressing, I head out.  Since I am basically done or I should say since I AM done with all my costumes etc. for the year I have decided to take this week off and have a week at home working on stuff like the garden.  Yesterday I purchased more plants and dirt and seed so today will be the push to get it in the yard.  I forgot to mention in yesterday's post that I spent a few hours with my daughter in law and granddaughter and didn't get to do much in the garden before my husband arrived home for dinner.  So today my plan is to just finish it.

It is back breaking work but always satisfying to get the yard looking tidy (er) and I even mow the few remaining tufts of grass we have left.  I also mow the weeds down in the passageway between us and the neighbours and clean up the debris left there from trimming trees.  After planting a few new perennials and some annuals, I take a break to have lunch.  It is hot out here.  Lunch is ham and cheese on a wholewheat english muffin and some greens with a bit more ham.  It's nice to eat outside again.  The plan is to have dinner back here as well.

After lunch I take down the old rope lights that have not survived the winter and put up new clips and a whole new rope light in its place.  Looks so much nicer.  Then lastly, I rake up the whole yard to break up the hardened dirt, spread out and rake 4 large bags of topsoil and then sprinkle on the "grow anywhere including in the dark and on pavement" lawn repair seed.  Well, lets see if that holds true.

Drew helps me when he gets home to set up our patio lanterns and once again the Gabura Oasis is ready for the summer.  It is a small yard but it is our yard and we love it.  Looking forward to cards and tv under the summer night sky.

Dinner is grilled chicken on the BBQ with roasted brussel sprouts and spring salad.

Tomorrow - First day of Alpha Showdown


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