Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 37 - TEAM Day or I have to Work off the Weekend Day

It's a good thing that I biked for 2 hours on Saturday otherwise the entire weekend would have been a loss and set me back huge.  But today is another day and we will just pick up and continue on from here.  But first I have to get to the gym.

The hotel includes a continental breakfast.  I don my workout attire (9am beckons) and check out.  I have to get the key reissued when I realize that I left my doll behind in the room.  ARGHHH.  Good thing I remembered now!  After putting everything (and my doll) into the car I head back to the restaurant for a bite to eat.  It is laid out so nicely and I help myself to a spoonful of scrambled eggs, 1 sausage and what looks like a quarter slice of french toast.  Coffee finishes off the meal.  Quickly I head to the car and hit the 401.  Smooth sailing ALLL the way to Milton.  And then boom.  Nothing is moving.  Its a wall of traffic.  I look at my watch and though I was making really good time I now have less than 10 minutes to get to the gym.  I figure maybe I will be 5 or 10 minutes late now.  Nope.  45 friggen minutes.  I have not missed a class or been later than 5 minutes yet.

I run up the stairs and look around.  Where is everyone???  The treadmills are empty except for Lee.  Then I realize - its Monday - that means Nutrition at 9:30.  Whew. So I start on the treadmill next to Lee to warmup.  I guess I will do my own workout today.  I know the drill. Maria spots me and comes over to ask me where the heck I was.  I explain and she outlines what I missed - 100 squats, 100 jumping jacks, 5 miles of running....WHHHHATTT!  No she is joking of course and brings over the hand weights and gives me a brief rundown on what to do.  And being the good girl that I am, I do it.  All of it.

As the rest of the group come back down the stairs I have to explain my tardiness a few times.  It is nice to know that I was missed.  Maria tells us that instead of weigh in on Wednesday we will be doing it on Friday.  Thank god that will give me 5 days to get rid of that white bun I ate on Saturday.

For lunch today I grab a very berry smoothie with almond milk.
Dinner tonight I am going to make the BBQ pork shish kabobs as Drew hasn't had that as yet.  I still have gardening to do in the backyard and that should help sweat/work off some of that wine from last night.

Tomorrow - Tuesday Yoga Day


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