Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 33 - Last Nutritional Appointment

My last appointment with Sara.  I have learned so much from her over the past 4 weeks and will miss seeing her in this manner.  Since my appointment is at 11:30 I head to the gym to do some treadmill work.  I push myself to run today somehow I have to get  past this knee discomfort if I ever plan to try and run more than 3 minutes at a time.  I do a full 40 mins on the treadmill and get ready to meet up with Sara.  While I wait I stretch.

Sara joins me and asks how I'm doing.  I tell her about my disappointing evaluation and how I seem to be at a bit of a plateau.  We talk and I show her my food journal and also she had asked for me to do a dinner of my own so I share that with her.  Its a recipe I found online for BBQ pork shish kabobs and it fits all the criteria.  Yay me.  lol.  So we head over to my little friend again, and this is the 2nd time this week to do this.  Sara tells me that I should not weigh myself more than once a week and it should always be on the same day, same time and this machine.  I get on.  It does it's thing and well look at that.  My body fat percentage has gone down another point and my weight though has stayed the same.  She compares my other numbers and notes the change in fat/muscle content and my water as well.

As we sit to finish up and chat about my results she makes an excellent point.  In just one month of consulting with her, and on that first day my weight was 189 and my body fat percentage was 43, I am now 179 and the BF is 39.  She thinks thats amazing since that is more than 2 lbs of weight loss /week.  As always she makes me feel great and reaffirms that I am doing well.  She thinks perhaps another supplement, Adreno-Med, may help.  I may be overexercising (can you do such a thing) and putting stress on my body causing it harder to drop pounds. She also advises a rest day now and then. I do yoga or swim on my off days but I have to admit I also have been there every single day since Mother's day.  I tell her I will give that try.

I give her a big hug and thank her for helping me and I promise her I will stay on track.  We will see each other at the gym and I am sure we will talk food.

Dinner tonight is open faced burgers with carmelized onions and mushrooms.  It is delicous and filling.  Drew has hockey so he needs extra calories.  I am enjoying the search for new recipes to try and so far haven't had any disasterous meals.  Drew is enjoying the variety as well.

Tomorrow is Friday and another TEAM day.


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