Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 41 - Friday - TEAM Day and Weigh in Day(gulp) - Pic and Stat Update

So by now you as well as I know the routine.  Drew's up north fiddling with the hottub again so I start off with 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, 1 tbsp honey, 1/2 banana, 2 strawberries cut up and a sprinkling of blueberries topped with 1/2 cup of granola.  Its a lot.  I think I will cut back on the granola or the yogurt next time.

I get to the gym a little earlier today and go over to my little friend.  Maria sees me and gets her pen and paper.  After a few minutes the two armed bandit says 177. But the body fat is still hovering at 40.  Without further ado - here's the stats!

Start                      Day 19          Day 26      Day 34     Day 41
Weight - 190         181.9             179             179         177
BF% - 47.8           41                                     39          40
Waist - 40.5"         38"                 36"              35.5       35
Bust - 44"              42.5"              42"              41.5       41
Hip - 46"                44"                 43"             42.5       42
Upper Arm - 15"     12.5"             12"               12         12
Calf - 18"                 16.5"             15.5"           15.5      15,5
Thigh - 25 or 26"      23.5"             22.5"            22        22

Things are still progressing.  Another 1/2 inch off the waist, hip and bust area, down 2 lbs (on the club scale which is the one we are following here) no change in BF or arm, calf and thigh.

Maria says that in order for that BF to change I need to do weights 2x a week.  Can I do that though?  I'm getting conflicting information from Maria and Sara.  I see Sara and tell her the news - she is so happy for me - 177 lbs down from 190 in 41 days is pretty good.  I mention the BF and she says don't worry that will start changing soon.  K - I'm trusting her.  Not that I don't trust Maria cause I absolutely do but my money is on Sara.

I am at the gym pretty much every single day.  Mon TEAM, Tues yoga or swim, Wed TEAM, Thurs swim and/or weights, Fri TEAM, Saturday depends could be Spin Class or outside activity (bike, golf) Sunday has been an off day but maybe I could do weights on Sundays? Do I want to do weights on Sunday?  Why is this a dilemma?  Why am I asking myself questions?  Why don't I stop asking questions now?

So back to TEAM.  Friday is circuit day and today Maria has changed it up a little again.  We have to run 800 m 3x and inbetween do 20 pushups or jumping jacks, then 8 minutes on the eliptical.  I have tried this machine before but that was right at the beginning of this journey.  I am worried about 8 minutes as I didn't particularly like it but I did it and it wasn't all that bad.  Then over to the floor where the rest of the circuit is set up. TRX jumps and pull ups, bose ball runs, rowing, etc.  It's alot to do in one hour and we are hard pressed to get it finished and it is easy to spike up into zone 4 where she wants us for short periods of time.  This is the extreme cardio. Sweat is on the menu.

Everyone gives their all but I note one, the one who we all wonder why she is in the as she is already pretty slim but everyone has their reasons, doesn't do "all" the circuit.  Only 4 minutes of the 8 on the eliptical, only once around the circuit (supposed to be 2x).  She is only cheating herself and it is not a contest, so no one notices if you finish first.  She doesn't do the cooldown or stretch, just leaves.  Another lady is 1/2 hour late every day.  She is a returner.  Been gone for awhile and has come back just in the past 2 weeks.  She does the treadmill routine but doesn't do the circuit.  I am sure she has her own story too but we all are here giving it our all and we all have our stories too.  Including me who hasn't worked out like this ever.  These workouts are designed to target areas, burn fat and increase fitness and cardio.  So if you don't do it for the full hour and all the steps then I don't think you will get the full benefits.  Obviously if you are doing something that is great and all that but...will you get results?  I'm not sure about that.

Anywho, after stretching out and saying goodbye I hit the shower.  I meet Judy after the shower and we chat.  She is a lovely lady and we seem to have alot in common, grandkids being one.  She tells me about her weekend plans as her and her husband belong to a wine club.  It sounds like a great time I think I'll look into that.  She has been here for a year now and has lost to date 46 pounds.  That is awesome!  I have to rethink my goal.  Originally I wanted to lose up to 50 lbs.  However, as I am putting on muscle is that going to be realistic?  Muscle weighs more than fat (thank god) so perhaps what I should be concentrating on is weight loss yes but also fat loss - that BF number - needs to be under 30.  I'm wearing a 14 now so should I pick a size?  I don't think that's realistic.  I will keep this up and see where I go.  I still have a ways to go - I know that.

Leave you with 2 shots - not sure which is more flattering so I will let you choose.  Skort is a running skirt from winner's I bought for 9.00 but was too small - fits now.  Tank is from Loft on sale for 8.00 size M.

Tomorrow Saturday - Golf, Bike, Weight Class?  Gardening for sure


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  1. Looking good, Debbie!
    About the people cheating and doing less time in the gym, there seems to be a new philosophy of less is more for exercise. Do less time and just a few minutes of intense exercise daily, and only a couple hours per week. It is an idea that is certainly attractive. Of course, both camps say their way is right.
    I have a couple programs I could share with you, if you are interested. Let me know.