Friday, June 6, 2014

Day 35 - Biking and Galaing

Since its a beautiful day and we have the Canadian Black Belt Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony to attend tonight Drew and I have decided to do some biking.  Mississauga and Toronto have done wonders with the lakefront and the path which is part of the TransCanada Trail is handy and great for biking etc.  First up I make an egg omelet with vegies and a dash of basil for the two of us.  It is delish, full of protein and perfect before exercising.  I bring a banana and some power bars that my daughter in law's mom has made for me - that's the last of them though.  As well as extra water and some of the gatorade I made.

Since I have been asking since before Mother's Day for an exercise tracking watch we head over to Best Buy to check out the Samsung GearFit as Drew bought himself the fancier model that answers the phone, changes the tv channels and has a camera - did I mention he is a bit of a computer geek?  His other name is now Dick Tracy.  And yes I think I have mentioned that before - :p

Drew fiddles with the gearfit as I drive down to the lake but he is unable to get it to connect to his phone in order to download the apps etc.  Figures...  I know he will get it figured out.  We park in Port Credit and decide that we will travel east towards Toronto for an hour and then an hour back.  We get as far as 35th street in Etobicoke where we stop and have our banana and power bar before turning around and heading back to Port Credit.  What a lovely day and what a nice way to spend it.  We biked a total of 12 km., 6 out and 6 back.  We decide to lunch at the Lake Affects bar where there is a nice outdoor patio.  We both order a specialty salad and a soda water.  I don't know when we will be eating dinner tonight and I do not want to be hungry.

After we shower and clean up we dress.  First Drew weighs himself, truthfully I think he does it too often as Sara has suggested once a week, but what the heck.  He discovers that on this scale he is now 217! On that note I have to see mine and it says..... 175!  If only that jibed with the one at the gym.  That means 15 lbs.  I am very happy. Dressing is, well, now it used to be damn this thing won't do up or is too tight and now we seem to have a different thing going on.  Drew's suit from 3 yrs ago (our son's wedding in Vegas) fits everywhere but in the waist.  He has to pull it in so much with his belt that it has that paper bag look.   I can't fix that now and he does look handsome in the suit :).  I have a couple of dresses to choose from, all size 18.  I know that they are going to be, shall I say, better fitting than they were before.  Drew picks the white lace sheath I bought for our trip to DR.  It is baggy on me and much looser in the armholes.  Good thing I know a seamstress...  Oh well it is what it is and we will be fine.

When we get there, after picking up our son Tyler, we do not know where we are sitting as we do not have our tickets and we can't seem to find the guy who has them.  So one of the hostesses leads us to one of the tables for Sensei Bob (who we are there to celebrate).  I go to grab the antipasto and when I return Tyler is moving us to the other table.  Apparently the first table is reserved for Bob and his whole family.  That's fine.  We are next door to them.  We sit and eat our starters and slowly the table fills up.  And up... oh oh, looks like we are going to have to move again!  Now we get our tickets and yes we are delegated to the far back table AA.  Not near Bob after all.  We are sharing with another dojo that split off from Bob's.  That's ok, we know at least 1 other person at the table.  Typical of us.

Here is a picture - the quality is not great kinda grainy.

Dinner was a challenge.  As I mentioned, there was an antipasto buffet to start and I chose some mussels, grilled vegies and a piece of cheese.  The meal consisted of 2 kinds of pasta (delicious) of which I ate maybe 3 or 4 pieces of each (tortellini and penne), chicken and veal - I only took the chicken, steamed vegies and roasted potatoes.  I didn't have any of the potatoes or the bread on the table.  So I think I did pretty well.  Oh and a salad to start with oil and vinegar dressing so I had a good helping of that as well.  Drew followed my lead but he had the veal and ate all of his pasta.  Dessert was a thin crepe with icecream and berries.  I ate 1/2.  Sorry, I had to it was so good.

After the lengthy awards ceremony finishes we take our leave.  It was a nice night and it was awesome to see Drew's Sensei receive such an honor.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I have an early morning's drive to London for a workshop


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