Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 31 - Fitness Evaluation Day - yikes....

Maria has asked we arrive at 9 so we can go through the evaluation.  There didnt seem to be many people who said they wanted to do it but since it is Tuesday and I may like to do yoga later or swim, I thought if I get there early maybe she will do me first and I can then do something else.  Silly me.  I had NO idea what this evaluation compromised.  I started warming up on the treadmill for 10 minutes but Maria was like no - no warmup.  OK....

There are 6 of us and we line up in front of my little friend.  Today it is not being friendly and it seems that I have stayed the same from last week.  But this is the first time Maria is doing this so she writes all my particulars down.  I guess with TEAM Weight Loss we are going to be going forward from this point.  After we have all weighed in, the next part is actual physical tests.  First up - army style pushups.  So not a "pushup" on the treadmill where you are standing and leaning into the pushup.  I manage to do 1.  And fall flat on my face.  Great start.  We watch everyone go through the pushups and April does 12 in fairly quick order.  One of the ladies has arthritis in her feet and it is impossible for her to do this kind of pushup.  Another does 2.  Frances does 10 and one lady manages to not do this test.  Then we do the flexibility test where we sit with our feet flat against this metal box and try to push the metal tab on top past our feet.  I don't do very well at this either.  This is not looking good.  Next back to the treadmill and setup the fitness test that is programmed into the machine. It is a 30 minute endurance walk/run with incline and you have to make sure that you hold the handles to get your heartbeat recorded as well.  My knee is not happy and we just did treadmill etc yesterday so i do the fast walk instead of running.  After we finish that we have to see how long we can wall sit.  That is leaning against a wall with your legs at 90 degrees.  I manage 1 minute but both April and Pat do over 3 minutes.  Good for them.

After all this Maria will input everything into the computer programme and she will tell us our metabolic age.  I betya I will be 102.  I sure felt like that today.

Seems we did a full workout so I shower and head into work.  Once again I feel discouraged and let down by myself and my body.  Will I ever be able to do this stuff???

Tomorrow is Wednesday - TEAM day and results from the test day.  I am not looking forward to that at all.


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