Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Day 43 - Sunday Funday gonna Bike Day

I prepared last night for my early bike ride.  My bike is poised at the end of my car in the garage and I put my bike gear out before I went to bed.  Glenn says he should be finishing around the 45 minute mark which would be 8:45 am.  I figure out how far it is via the wonders of google maps - which also shows the bike paths and how long it should take by bike - and figure I need to leave by 8 am.  The weather is threatening to rain today, since I didn't end up gardening yesterday it looks like I probably won't be today either.  I hope it holds off til I return at some point later in the morning.

Its amazing that there isn't anyone on the roads at 8am on a Sunday.  For the most part the ride is flat and straight forward.  However there is a big hill going down onto the bridge over the Credit River and back up again.  I do it though at a fairly slow pace.  I got into Streetsville and see the participants walking and/or running the route.  I pull into the finish line area at 8:35 figuring that gave me a few minutes of leeway.  First thing I see is my SIL's (who I was with last night) sister.  She has just run her first 5k with her youngest daughter and some of her friends from school in Oakville.  Saying hello and catching up I am still listening to the announcer to see if Glenn is coming into the finish line.  Fiona says her goodbyes and I move closer to the actual finish line.  8:45 comes and goes, 8:55...then 9.  I must have missed him - he must have done better time than he thought.  Damn I was wanting to be there for him.  I saddle up and head back home.  Now I am trying to beat the weather, which I do.  I text Glenn and he finished right when I was talking to Fiona.  So sorry we didn't connect but it was a bit crazy there.

Streetsville and back by bike is just under 12k.  I did that in 30 mins each way.  I can feel the difference that working out is making on my endurance and ability to power through.  I got up that difficult hill both ways on the bike.  (yay spin class)  I am psyched to do that 30k ride the end of the summer.  I think I will be able to do it!

Lunch is a fried in coconut oil egg on 1 slice of whole grain toast with a few slices of tomato and a thin piece of cheddar cheese. Coconut oil does not give any flavour to the egg at all surprisingly.  Dinner tonight I have some shrimp in a quick and easy low cal, no carb thai sauce that I found online along with some brussel sprouts.

Tomorrow - Monday - TEAM Weight Loss

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