Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lifes like that...How I started my summer

I see that it has been a few months since I last posted. I know I know, I promised pictures, maybe a recipe.  But life is busy.  And commitments get in the way.  And family.  And mindset.

So what has happened since May?  A lot of things.  This is a year of firsts for me.  Back in November I joined a ladies adult jazz class.  I had taken tap last year but had a dickens of a time with it.  So I was apprehensive about doing jazz.  However to my surprise (and the other ladies too I'm sure) I not only liked it I actually learned to dance!  We learned a dance to the popular "All about the Bass" and to say it was fun would be an understatement.  This particular studio is a client (and dear friend) of mine so I also had the pleasure of sewing the costumes for this group.  And that means I also did another first - I danced on the stage in their year end recital. Oh My God was that fun but scary!!  I was nervous leading up to the moment we stepped out on stage but once we started dancing I was fine!  So I messed up a little (maybe a lot) but it didn't matter I was having a great time and I have found a new group of friends who I can't wait to meet up with in September.
Thats me in the back on the left...

Another first?  I finally ran a real 5K.  I say finally cause I have been putting off committing to a race ever since way back when I discovered that maybe I could be a runner.  I had told Keith at the gym that I might actually do a race before the end of the year but I chickened out and didn't follow through. However, in early spring I saw a friend had joined the Bread Honey Race so I just did it.  Right then and there.  Paid, done.  And then I started training for it.  Right up to about 3 weeks before - which coincidentally was the night of the recital - I started to come down with a nasty cold.  It settled right in.  Sinus infection, coughing the whole nine yards.  I went ALL winter without a sniffle.  I couldn't run, I could barely walk across the room. BUT I had committed so morning of the race I got up and got my buns over to the course and I did it.  Not only did I do it - not a pretty sight mind you I walked quite a bit - but I beat my best time for me a 37:22.  I couldn't believe that I did that well.  And my hubby was there to record the moment I ran across the finish line.  Would I say I enjoyed it?  No.  However, I just may do it again.

A third first.  I conquered the stairs at the cottage where we run to and from.  Last year I managed the top half but refused to go any further down as there are spots that are quite scary for me (heights are not my friend).  This year I determined I would do those last flights.  And I did it. Freaked myself right out but...it is now easier for me.  I would not say I have gotten over my fear of heights but at least now I can say I did those 175 stairs down and 175 stairs up.

A fourth firtht oops first.  And this for me is the best one.  I volunteered at the Pan Am games (Toronto 2015).  I had the time of my life.  My role was flag co-ordinator for Medals and Flags ceremony.  Simply that means I, along with 2 or 3 other co-ordinators, prepped the flags for the medals ceremonies.  That involved more than you may think.  It also involved steaming.  In a small tent.  With at least 10 people inside.  In 30C plus humidity.  In rain.  In cold.  We had it all over the 8 days we were there.  Our venue was known as TTS - or Toronto Trap and Skeet.  That's right shooting.  Of which I know nothing.  But I didn't need to know a thing anyway.  Just the countries represented and who was qualifying for the finals and then who were the top 3.  After picking the flags, verifying them, steaming the folds and creases out we would then place them on the poles and hand the over to the ceremonial OPP team of the day.  I am simplifying the process but it was stressful at times, extremely humid and hot most days.  But not once did tempers flare.  We worked together as if we had been a team for years.  We became known as the Dream Team.  From the flag co-ordinators to the medal ceremony tray bearers and escorts, to the overall supervisor we became a cohesive team.  Otherwise also known as the Amoeba.

I'd like to share a bit of that experience with you.  I think I will start a new blog post - like right now..go look.


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