Wednesday, April 29, 2015

YES I am STILL here 365 Days Later - Happy 1 yr Anniversary!

I suppose you've been wondering where I am?
What am I doing?
Am I OK?
Did I fall off the path?

Well no, I haven't fallen off the path.  There were moments of straying pass the line.  Periods of time where life, the real deal, rears its ugly head and says it's still there.  

Real life...

Death of a dear father-in-law
Passing of a devoted pet
Christmas & New Years celebrations
Work overload 
Weather (ugh) 
Family visit home to NS

So how did I deal with all that?

First I continued to eat clean and healthy as much as I possibly could.  Which means at least 80% of the time I had my smoothies, ate good salads with protein for lunch and lean dinners with little to no carbs.  80% of the time... the other 20% was those times when I ate what I wanted to.  Sandwiches at a funeral, comfort food.  Munchies and dinners at friends at New Years, sharing food.  Work I stocked my fridge and ate cleanly but occasionally as opposed to daily I had a take out lunch - Burger King or local deli or pizza or Swiss Chalet.  Weather also played into that. Family visit home?  Home food, Easter dinner, special request comfort food (cod cakes :) ), fried clams.  And through all those some wine...and maybe a martini or two.  

Secondly I went to the gym as often as I felt I could - I know it still should have been a priority but first if you are away - its difficult to find a gym or time to go.  Also I can't ask my staff to forego their outside activities and not give up mine - so working 8 or 9 am to 10 pm or later is on all of us.  Then there were other activities at least over New Years we skated pretty much every day and hiked through the snow just to visit friends.  I also joined an adult jazz class the end of November but also missed 4 weeks in a row as my dear friend gave up her time to come down and sew crazily with me on her day off - same day as my jazz class - so I didn't attend.  Basically 4 straight weeks of no exercise at all.

Did it matter?  Yes it friggen did!  Not only did I really miss it, and the people at the gym, but the scale was not friendly to me.  I went up and down.  Overall more down then up.  I still lost weight and PBF but there were times when the scale went up as much as 5 or 6 lbs. Did I freak out?  Yes I did a little, but then for the next 7 or so days I went wholeheartedly back to clean eating and it came back off. Took some time but it did.  

And the outcome is that even with all that real life going on, eating clean 80% of the time still helps.  That is MY real life now.  My living life this way.  Lifestyle CHANGE.  And never ever slipping back into that cycle that spirals out of control and you end up looking like I did one year ago today.  The day I took control of that cycle and changed MY LIFE. 

April 29, 2014 an innocuous day.  No special meaning to that day before but now it is a special day.  An anniversary day of sorts.  The first day of the rest - yes the REST of my life. Not going backwards again - just forwards.

I have attained so much - did so many firsts - set goals and met them. Some took a bit longer than others but ultimately who cares - I met them.  

What have I accomplished?  Don't laugh these are big to me....
a) joined a gym - first obstacle overcome
b) learned about nutrition and eating clean - for life
c) joined the Weight Loss Team - awesome people, awesome motivation do not think I could have done it without them I mean that!
d) learned how to run and learned I kinda like it
e) lifted weights - yah me - and I kinda like that too
f) overcome some of my fears regarding those stairs at the Cunliffes
g) lost weight, inches, percent body fat 
h) became vocal and tried to inspire others to eat clean and get healthier
i) joined a jazz class
j) took a fitness/wellness/MMA class
k) conquered some yoga moves that a year ago I just looked at others and thought you are too bendy for me!!
l) volunteered for the upcoming PanAm Games here in Toronto
m) signed up for my first outside 5k race!  A goal I joked about with Keith back after my first actual run on a treadmill back in May 2014.
n) Hit my goal of weight loss of 40 - 45 lbs and actually hit 52 lbs!
o) Cut my PBF in half!  From 47.8% to 24.6% as of yesterday morning.  Half HALF!!!

Here they are folks - numbers from April 29 2014 - April 29 2015

Start               Jul 29  Sept 18     Oct 17           Nov 18        April 29/15  
Wht -190         162     155           152.2           146.5             138.2
BF% -47.8      33.4      ?              30.23%     29.4                  24.6
W -40.5"         32         32             31               30                    30
B -44"             39         38             38               37                    37
H -46"             39         38             38               37                    37
Arm -15"         11         11             12               12                    11
C -18"            15.5       15.5          15               15                    15
Th -26"          20.75      20.5          20.25         19                     19.5
Size - XL/18                                                                            S/XS/8

Overall losses - weight - 51.8 lbs
BF - 23.2%
W - 9.5"
B - 7"
H - 9"
Arm - 4"
C - 3"
Th - 6.5"
Total inches - 34" loss overall
Down 5 sizes 5 whole sizes

I find it interesting that my measurements haven't changed all that much since November but I am wearing a smaller size and have lost more weight. For example:

I have even lost weight in my feet!!  Shoes that were snug are now a bit loose even though I still wear a size 7 I think I had started to buy some of my shoes in a 7.5.  
I can wear normal calf size boots - something I haven't been able to do since high school. 
My wrists are smaller, the tale of the wristwatch that needs to be tightened.  My gear fit when I purchased it I wore it on the 6th hole now its on the 4th but could be on the 3rd if I want it to be snug.
My belts are too big and the size 10 pants I was wearing in the fall are too big in the waist and butt, so now I'm wearing an 8 but even that is loose.  

What have I learned over this past year?
a) losing weight and heading towards fitness is hard work but not as hard as I thought it would be
b) any age, any time is a good time to start
c) you don't know what you can do until you try - the key is to try
d) support is everywhere - at the gym, at home, family, friends, even people you pass in the gym or have done business with they are all supportive and in your corner and the ones who aren't?  Not true friends that is for sure.
e) getting over mindset is the biggest obstacle
f) no one can fix you or give you an easy out, only you can fix you and push yourself
g) laziness and tiredness is a state of mind - our bodies can still do stuff and by pushing through the tiredness you are stronger for it
h) we are never too old to learn a new dance step or overcome a fear or learn new things about ourselves
i) the scale is not the definitive answer to health - inches and bodyfat percentage tell the tale.
j) eating healthy isn't difficult once your learn how and you won't (or shouldn't) be hungry - snacking is important!  Experimenting with recipes is fun and eye opening.
k) and I never ever want to go back to 190 lbs of unfitness!

This journey has indeed been such a journey. Like any other there have been bumps, hills and valleys. But always in the same direction.  I have also learned that this journey is ongoing and neverending.  That there will always be something else to focus on or set as a goal. 

Life is for living and enjoying and I intend to do just that.  

I promised a recipe but this blog is long enough.  Tomorrow - picture update and the recipe for a 4C soup.

Talk tomorrow,


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