Friday, October 17, 2014

Quick Post

Yah sure... a quick post.  

First off I have to say I am OVERWHELMED by the outpouring of support, likes, positive comments I have received in the past few days from my family, my friends, my clients and even from people I have never ever met or know in any way other than through the internet.


I had over 800 views of my little blog in 2 days.  That is a record for me. I posted my side by side picture on the facebook page Single Dad Laughing Health Club and over 180 people liked or commented.  Postively.

On my own facebook page I posted the same side by side.  120 likes and comments by friends and family and friends of friends.

I have had random people who I do not know ask me for guidance.


5 months ago I was 190 lbs and horribly out of shape.  I hadn't any confidence in the world that I would be able to lose enough weight or reshape my life and if I did I assumed it would take months and months of ups and downs.

It didn't.

5 months is not a very long time really for me to have seen results.  And yes it has been hard work as you know if you've been following my blog.

If I can do it - any of you can do it.

You can.  Yes you can.

Look what I have accomplished in this relatively short period of time.  I joined a gym - BIG step.  I met some AWESOME inspiring people who pushed me and gave me the right information to make this happen and work.  I learned that I could push myself physically to do things I honest to god never ever thought I would do or even had a thought about. Running for one. Yes I am still running a bit then walking and then running.  But I AM doing it.  Weight lifting.  For strength and toning.  Not to be big like Ahnnold (Swartzenegger) but for the positive physical aspects of being stronger.  Stronger enough that I carried my own kayak up and down to the lake.  Stronger enough that I could help my husband with the heavy motor.  Important stuff!!  Climbing up and down my friend's stairs.  I never ever thought I would do that. Ever.  Let alone a total of 900 steps in one go.

And I feel GREAT!!  I feel healthier, I sleep better, I do not snore anymore.

And we eat really well!  There hasn't been anything in our new way of eating that has been a let down or hard to swallow. Literally.  We like the way we are eating.  It is clean eating and you know what?  If I'm out somewhere or at some event and I eat something that maybe I shouldn't have, I practice moderation and I do not beat myself up about it.  Tomorrow is another day and it's ok.  This isn't about deprivation.  It's about living.


I can run and play with my grandkids now.  It's not uncomfortable to bend down or crouch.  Who knew that so much would change.  Important changes.  

And people are asking me for advice.  What am I doing?  What diet am I following?  What do you eat for breakfast? Lunch? Dinner?  Everyone thinks that a "diet" is the key.  No.  Diets are not the answer because they do not work in the long term.  Changing your relationship with food and sugar is the answer.  It works.  I just had someone say "I go to the gym all the time and never lose a pound.  I eat no little to no carbs."  It's only part of the equation.  It's that nasty hidden sugar in the processed foods.  It's the carb loading at night - whether you realize its a carb or not.  It's the sum total of everything I have learned over the past 5 months and it works.  I am the proof of that.

Thank you again to those who gave me the guidance and the tools to do this.  I am not done by any means.  The journey continues.  I still have some lbs to lose and inches off my waist to go.  Overall I am happy with the way I am looking.

Thank you for your encouragement, your kind and funny words, for the love.

I love all of you.

Here are the latest figures.

Start               Jul 29  Sept 18       Oct 17
Wht -190         162     155               152.2
BF% -47.8      33.4      ?                  30.23%
W -40.5"         32         32                31
B -44"             39         38                38
H -46"             39         38                38
Arm -15"         11         11                12 (
C -18"            15.5       15.5             15
Th -26"          20.75      20.5             20.25

Holy - numbers still going down (up in one - thats ok)

weight 190     152.2         - 37.8 lbs
BF%    47.8     30.23        - 17.57%**
bust      44       38             - 6"
waist    40.5     31            - 9.5"
hip        46       38            - 8"
arm       15       12            - 4" +1= -3"
calf        18       15           - 3"
thigh      26       20.25      - 5.75"

Total inches lost - 36.25
Total BF lost - 17.57%
Total Weight lost - nearly 38 lbs

When I first started and saw my 47.8% BF I cried.  I wasn't even ON the chart.  Today I am on the chart and I am sitting at the "women age 40 - 60 30% BF is considered excellent"  WHAT?  Now I just need to work on getting my waist to hip measurement within the healthy ratio.

I no longer have high blood pressure issues, my cholesterol is normal. I do not snore. (Yes I mentioned that before - it's a big deal really.)

I am happy.  My husband is happy.  My kids are happy.

Next time, who knows...a recipe??


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